FNATIC qualifies for Six Invitational APAC LAN over HomeLess

Ben Scott
December 9, 2019

Playoffs for the Rainbow Six: Siege Six Invitational ANZ Qualifier were underway last night, with four teams battling it out for a single spot at the Six Invitational APAC Qualifier LAN next month. That being said, this online qualifier was a chance to see how the likes of FNATIC, Oddity Esports and Team SiNister looked after their recent roster changes.

ANZ Playoff Attendees:

  • FNATIC (2)
  • Oddity (3)
  • Mindfreak (4)
  • Fury (5)
  • Team SiNister (6)
  • HomeLess (-)
  • ReadMyAggression (-)
  • Vanquish Esports (-)

FNATIC seemed to have no trouble through the upper bracket, given that they didn’t drop a single map and then found themselves in the grand final after Oddity Esports were forced to forfeit the upper bracket final. 

FNATIC’s Playoff Results:

  • 2:0 vs Vanquish (7:2 Villa, 7:4 Kafe)
  • 2:0 vs Fury (7:5 Bank, 7:4 Clubhouse)
  • 2:0 vs Oddity (Forfeit)

Give that three teams had made significant roster changes just prior to the qualifier - below is a brief overview of how they went,

Team SiNister found themselves an early exit in the qualifier; losing 1:2 to Fury in their opening upper bracket match and then a surprising 1:2 loss to Vanquish in their opening lower bracket match. Although given that they only signed their fifth, Vinnie, the day of the qualifier, there is still a lot more to see from this team come Pro League.

Oddity Esports seem to have moulded well with their two recent pick-ups, as they breezed through their opening match (2:0 vs RMA) and then went on to edge pass HomeLess, 2:1, to find themselves in the upper bracket. Unfortunately it seems that members of the time had commitments outside of the server and were forced to forfeit both their match against FNATIC and their lower bracket match against HomeLess. 

HomeLess seemed to have stunned everyone's expectations throughout the qualifier, defeating Mindfreak 2:0 in their opening match and then going on to take a map off of Oddity Esports before dropping to the lower bracket. Nonetheless, HomeLess went on to make a lower bracket run by making quick work of Vanquish and then going on to defeat a strong Fury side, 2:0. 

HomeLess’ Playoff Run:

  • 2:0 vs Mindfreak (8:6 Coastline, 7:3 Kafe)
  • 1:2 vs Oddity (7:2 Clubhouse, 4:7 Kafe, 7:8 Consulate)
  • 2:0 vs Vanquish (Results Unknown)
  • 2:0 vs Fury (7:3 Clubhouse, 7:4 Border)
  • 2:0 vs Oddity (Forfeit)

Although the Grand Final of the Six Invitational Qualifier was a complete white wash for FNATIC, no credit can be taken away from HomeLess, given that they defeated two teams within the top five for Australasia and even took a map off of the third ranked team in the country, Oddity.

Above: Etienne "Magnet" Rousseau of FNATIC at Oceanic Cup (source)

FNATIC will fly to Sydney on the 5th of January, where they’ll find themselves fighting against the best teams from around APAC for one spot at the 2020 Six Invitational. Currently FNATIC, Xavier Esports and Cloud9 are the three teams qualified for the event - with the Japanese qualifier set to finish on the 15th of December.

Thanks to Wildcard Gaming qualifying for the Season 10 Pro League Finals, they find themselves during a direct invite to the 2020 Six Invitational. Which means that regardless of FNATIC qualifying or not, Australasia will have a representative at the event. 

You can stay connected with FNATIC’s run at the Six Invitational APAC Qualifier by following them on Twitter.