Sources, Vinnie and Miloskta sign with Team SiNister R6

Ben Scott
December 7, 2019

Rainbow Six: Siege team, Team SiNister, are set to sign both Vinnie and Milostka ahead of the Season 11 R6 Pro League and tonights Six Invitational Qualifier sources say.

Although the signing of Milostka comes as no surprise to most, given that he has been actively playing with the roster for quite sometime now - the signing of Vinnie comes only twenty four hours after he was dropped from Oddity Esports

Milostka hails from the promising Sleeper Gaming lineup that excelled in the LPL Challenger League and will be looking to make a statement both tonight and in the next season of the R6 Pro League; given that Team SiNister still maintains a spot in the Pro League. Miloskta has said to be filling Tex’s (formerly known as Copper) role on the team, as he has shipped off to join FNATIC after the departure of Speca and RizRaz.

Vinnie, who assisted Oddity to a third place finish in Season 10 of Pro League, has said to be brought in to replace VICIOUS’ role on the team - given that VICIOUS left the lineup at the end of Season 10 and is yet to make an announcement on his next move. 

Despite Vinnie having very little time to practice with the team for the Six Invitational Qualifier tonight, it’s expected that he should make an impact given his abilities in the server. 

Speculation of both of these moves follows the fact that the players have been featured on Team SiNister’s ESL page. Previously, Vinnie’s replacement on Odditiy, Dgtl, was featured on the Team SiNister page, which brought the speculation of him signing there instead. But instead, last night saw the announcement of Dgtl joining the Oddity lineup

All of which cuts extremely close to roster lock deadlines, but nonetheless both Team SiNister and Oddity Esports seem to have locked in their teams for next season.

Above: Vinnie captured at GIC Melbourne LAN Cafe (Credit: Melvin Tang)

Last season saw Team SiNister struggle in the R6 Pro League, finishing in a below average sixth place and only just scraping by for qualification into Season 11. Not to mention a 5th to 8th finish at the Six Masters. With these recent roster moves, hopes will be high for the team to perform. 

Team SiNister Roster:

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