Top Australian YouTube creator starts esports team

Ben Scott
June 14, 2020

Australian based YouTuber, Lachlan Power, today announced his commitment to the Australasian esports industry with the launch of Team PWR - a Fortnite team made entirely up of Australasian based competitive players and content creators. 

The launch of Team PWR follows Lachlan’s entry into the apparel industry after launching his very own clothing line, Power by Lachlan, in July of 2018. In the brands mission statement, it states that they aim to be a global lifestyle brand at the intersection of competitive gaming, streetwear and entertainment. 

Founding Team PWR Roster:

Left to Right: Radius, Lachlan and Repulse (Source: PWR Website)

Lachlan gave some insight into the reason behind launching PWR and what he plans to do with the brand as a whole by stating “a big reason why I started this team was to bring some spotlight onto Oceania. I feel like our region kind of gets slept on a lot because of our small player base.”

“A lot of what we’re going to do differently at Team PWR is we’re going to focus on building out each player's individual brand - focusing on content creation, which I’ve done a lot of personally” continued Lachlan. 

In his closing statement, Lachlan stated “Fortnite World Cup 2020, I’m taking all the players to NA, qualifying as many as we can and we’re going to win a World Cup for Oceania.” 

Legacy Esports and The Chiefs Esports Club are two other local esports organisations that have sent Fortnite players overseas to compete in other regions' competitions - both of which saw great success in both brand building and individual success for those players.

It not the first time we have seen large content creators enter the local industry, as last year we saw local talent agency, Click, launch Click Esports - who hosted The Showdownunder in collaboration with Fortnite. Although outside of their commitment to The Showdownunder, we haven't seen any activity from Click Esports since November of last year.

It's exciting to see more support coming into the local industry, especially from someone as large as Lachlan. If you wish to follow the progress of Team PWR, be sure to connect with them on Twitter for all future updates.