Interview with Kamii, Renegades at RLCS Finals

Ben Scott
November 28, 2019

The Rocket League Championship Series Finals (RLCS) is just over two weeks away, with Renegades being one of two Australasian representatives at the event. I had the chance to sit down with Cameron “Kamii” Ingram of the Renegades to gauge his thoughts on the event ahead, how the competition shaped up at the Regional Finals and see what he thinks about being labeled a villain by the community. 

It’s been almost two weeks since we saw the Renegades compete in the RLCS Regional Finals, as they competed against Australasia’s best in an offline landscape at the LetsPlay.Live studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Despite a seven game series to kick off their run at the event against The Chiefs Esports Club, the remainder of the event was a breeze for the Renegades, as they ultimately secured first seed for Australasia without dropping a series.

Above: Kamii of Renegades at RLCS Regional Finals (Credit: SliWill)

I kicked off my chat with Kamii by asking him what his overall thoughts are on the competition that was at the RLCS Regional Finals. “Overall, the competition for me was probably one of the easiest it’s been for a regional finals. I don’t think I’ve had such an easier regionals where the first series was the hardest, which was against The Chiefs; which was expected,” started Kamii.

“But to come into the semifinals and finals for it to not even feel like we were challenged, was kind of disappointing. But at the same time, it’s a free spot to worlds… so hey, I’ll take it,” finished Kamii.

On that note, Kamii started getting some heat from the community after some of his comments at the event about the Canberra Havoc side qualifying and talking about how easy the competition was. I asked him his thoughts on being labeled as a villain, with Kamii stating “I don’t mind being the villain at all. You have to spice it up somehow, and for those who thought I was being serious; I obviously wasn’t. Apart from that fact there will still only be one team from Oceania going to worlds.”

Continuing on from that, Kamii spoke about Canberra Havoc qualifying for the RLCS Season 8 Finals by stating “I don’t think there is too much to say apart from, I wouldn’t read too much into Havoc winning over Chiefs. I still think that The Chiefs are the stronger team, and any other day I’d put my money on them winning over Havoc. It’s just sad that now we’re sending only one of our strongest teams.”

“I say that because I want to see Oceania as a region smash it out at worlds. Chiefs and us were the best bet to do that, but who knows what will happen,” concluded Kamii.

With the brackets being announced for the event, I thought it would be a good chance to gauge Kamii’s thoughts on what lays ahead. Kamii spoke on the competition that lays ahead by saying “I very much like our side of the bracket. We’re very confident going up against anyone, because we know that if we play our game well enough, we can beat anyone.”

Renegades will face North America’s fourth seed, eUnited, in their first match.

Given his answer, I then went on to ask what the plan is in terms of preparation for the event, with him going on to state “our preparation for the event is looking good; we’ve got the usual two to three week boot camp lined up. We’ve just come off of a hot regionals where we played pretty well individually and as a team, but that’s not even our full potential yet.”

“The boot camp will only make us better,” finished Kamii.

File:WSOE4 KAMII.jpg
Above: Kamii of Renegades at WSOE (source)

Kamii was one of the three players that placed fourth at the RLCS Season 6 Finals, with that being the best result ever from an Australasian team at RLCS in history. When asking Kamii if he thinks this iteration of the roster could go even further, he stated “I think we can win the entire thing if we’re playing good on the day, which is why the boot camp is nice to have; so we can get used to that LAN environment of being next to each other.” 

“Also, the competition overseas is a lot higher and deeper than what we have here in Oceania, so it makes for good practice,” concluded Kamii. 

Kamii and the team are currently flying overseas to boot camp ahead of the RLCS Season 8 Finals. We will be able to catch them in action on the 13th of December, as they look to take on eUnited in their opening match of the tournament. 

You can stay connected with the team by following Renegades on Twitter; otherwise connect with us on social media to get all the latest updates of their results from the event.