Justice Esports announce their closure after two years

Ben Scott
June 8, 2020

Local esports organisation, Justice Esports, last night (7th June) announced that they will be closing their doors this coming Friday following a two year tenure in the Australasian esports industry. 

Justice Esports was founded in 2018, with the brand gaining recognition to the wider Australasian esports community following their success in Rocket League. Over the past two years, Justice Esports has gone on to acquire both Amatuer and Semi-Professional teams in PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League.

Outside of competing in local circuits, Justice founded streaming programs for local streamers looking for a platform to build their brands off of, which enabled them to create a tight community that members of Justice Esports across Australasia.

Graham Hawnt, Co-Founder of Justice Esports, gave an indication to Here’s The Thing as to why they have decided to close their doors by stating “with the spike in growth here at Justice Esports and the industry as a whole, we were in need of sponsorship heading into the coming months. Sadly with the recent hit of COVID-19, we found ourselves going back and forth with potential sponsors to bring on board - but the common response was that they would be holding off until 2021.” 

With that being said, it leads us to believe that the high demand in our local industry for sponsorship with few options available has put a strain on smaller organisations locally who are trying to emerge and compete against the rest, whom many are funded by their ownership groups. 

Graham went on to talk about the organisation by stating “Justice Esports has been a self funded organization since its inception. We have never looked to be the best competitively, we just aimed to be that organisation that players and staff looked back on with fond memories and a sense of pride.” 

Closing his statement, Graham went on to thank those who supported the organisation by stating “to all our loyal family and fans, you have made the last two years truly awesome. I want to thank every last one of you from the bottom of my heart - I know everyone in the team feels the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

It’s always sad seeing emerging brands decide to close their doors here in Australasia, especially those that have made a strong impact on the grass roots space. 

All of us here at Here’s The Thing would like to wish everyone from the Justice Esports family the best of luck with their future endeavors.