Genuine Gaming partner with Maniax Gaming Hub

Ben Scott
November 7, 2019

Australasian esports organisation, Genuine Gaming, has been making waves in the Pakistani Fighting Game Community with their signing of both Awais Honey and Atif Butt. Following their huge performance at the Tokyo Masters for Tekken, Genuine Gaming has announced a partnership with Maniax Gaming HUB, the go-to training facility for Pakistani FGC players in Lahore, Pakistan.

Maniax Gaming HUB has previously played host to both of Genuine Gaming’s Tekken players, Awais Honey and Atif Butt, allowing them to practice free of charge and even going as far as lending them sticks to practice in their hour of need. Zamin, owner of Manix Gaming HUB, is a well respected member of the wider Fighting Game Community thanks to his passion for the community and attitude towards working with teams and players. 

Royce An, Managing Director at Genuine Gaming, expressed his excitement for this partnership by stating “I am extremely excited for the year ahead and this partnership, as we look to work together to showcase all the hidden gems that are in and around Pakistan.” 

Above: Genuine Gaming logo at Maniax Gaming HUB

With that being said, it looks like Genuine Gaming plan on expanding their FGC roster by acquiring more players from Pakistan and helping them progress to the world stage. Genuine Gaming has certainly helped players compete on the world stage, as on their debut event at the Tokyo Masters, Atif Butt and Awais Honey walked away with first and second place respectively. 

It’s been made aware to us that Genuine Gaming’s plan with this partnership is to nurture the Pakistan community and talent, create a home in Pakistan where players can practice and coach others, whilst also running tournaments for the community to enjoy. With that being said, they also plan on streaming a lot of content from the venue via their Twitch and YouTube channels.

Genuine Gaming’s approach to esports within Oceania is something that hasn’t been seen before locally; acquiring overseas talent and expanding their reach to a region like Pakistan. But it seems to be paying off, with the engagement from their social media platforms being phenomenal ever since opening up a new demographic in Pakistan. 

We wish Genuine Gaming nothing but the best with their partnership and look forward to seeing how it progresses coming into 2020.

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