Gamer Aid Australia partner with Sennheiser Gaming

Ben Scott
December 13, 2019

Gamer Aid Australia, a charity created to help raise funds and awareness for the catastrophic bush fires in Australia, have today announced that Sennheiser Gaming will be partnering with the charity to give away two hundred headsets - whilst Gamer Aid Australia nears $20,000 in donations from the community. 

Support for their cause has come from far and wide, with communities from around the region coming together to help support those in need; the most recent push being from ‘PUBG OCE Scene’, who raised a total of $5,500 during a PUBG event streamed live on Twitch. 

Photo taken of fires burning in New South Wales on November 12th

Aiden Hiko, co-founder of Gamer Aid Australia, said in a statement to us, “we are very excited about what we have achieved as a community for families affected by these bush fires. Now we are taking a moment to direct that support to the RFS directly, and having even more partners get involved is truly incredible.”

“We never thought a simple tweet could have gone this fair,” concluded Aiden.

For reference, Aiden had tweeted back on November 12th asking the community if brands would be interested in running charity streams to support the bush fires - huge support came flowing in and hours later Gamer Aid Australia was created by Josh Swift and Aiden.

Sennheiser Gaming provided a statement to Gamer Aid Australia, which reads “Sennheiser Gaming is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience for all gamers, and this Christmas we want to give back to the community.”

Sennheiser Gaming has provided Gamer Aid Australia with 200 GSP305 Headsets. For an overview of the product, click here.

Gamer Aid Australia has since explained to us that the headsets will be available to win through community streams related to the cause. Gamer Aid Australia are currently looking for more events, like PUBG OCE Scene, to support with these prizes and have since said they would love to talk to those interested in getting involved.

If you would like to get behind Gamer Aid Australia, you can check them out here