FURY expand into the European CS:GO scene

Ben Scott
June 14, 2020

Australian owned esports organisation, FURY, has today announced their expansion into the European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) community, with the acquisition of a European based ESEA Open League roster. 

FURY, who have traditionally been based and invested purely in the Australasian region, have recently adjusted their strategy to focus on a global scale – most recently adjusting their branding from FURY Australia to FURY Global. 

FURY EU CS:GO Roster: 

Previously known as OMNIPOTENCE in the European ESEA Open League, the newly signed Counter-Strike team sit on the current standings with a respectful 9-2-0 record.

Expanding on their reason for global expansion, FURY have stated that to be a strong brand in the long run, they can’t simply operate within a singular region. FURY backed their reasoning by stating that a number of top organisations globally are highly diversified in the sense of where various teams come from. 

FURY also spoke on the acquisition of their European based team, stating that the European Counter-Strike scene is renowned for producing incredibly talented individuals. They’ve also stated that to support the players, they have also acquired support staff in said region to help maintain a strong working relationship. 

Joseph “Qu1ckdraw” Basso, Acting CEO of FURY, gave a statement to Here’s The Thing which reads “we have had numerous experiences within the Australian CS scene, but it’s time for something new. I’ve always admired the Danish Counter-Strike scene and how they have cemented their place in esports history by producing some of the finest talent esports had to offer.”

“FURY was built upon the foundation of being different, and exploring different options both inside and outside of our region. We can’t wait to start this chapter – especially being one of the first Australian organisations to venture internationally and explore what Europe has to offer,” concluded Mr. Basso. 

FURY have stated that this is the first of many announcements to come and they look forward to building their brand on a global scale. If you would like to stay connected with their progress, be sure to connect with them on Twitter