Oddity Esports Co-Founder Topix Abruptly Departs Organisation Part 2

Here's The Thing
April 13, 2020

Sunday night at 11:32PM (AEDT) a member of the local Rainbow Six: Siege community, Tony “sticc” Karydis, published a story on his Twitter account which gave details around Jared “Topix” Fell, co-founder of Oddity Esports, allegedly grooming a minor back in 2017.

News of this follows a story posted by Here’s The Thing on Monday regarding Jared grooming a former member of Oddity Esports. 

In a TwitLonger posted by Karydis, he detailed his history with the former Oddity co-founder stretching back to 2017 when Karydis was also a minor. He mentions knowing even at that age, Topix was problematic, yet he still trusted him. Karydis alleges that around this time Topix began grooming a minor who wanted to join the Rainbow Six: Siege community that both Karydis and Topix belonged to, RPM.

Source: @sticcR6

According to screenshots of a Discord conversation published by Karydis on Monday night, Fell asked the unnamed minor to provide inappropriate photographs of his mother and discussed masturbation with him, all a part of some agreement to allow the minor to join RPM. In the screenshots Fell appears to be pressuring the minor to break into his mother’s phone to obtain said photographs amongst other things.

Source: @sticcR6

Karydis says the minor went through with it because he wanted to join RPM, despite doubts over all the things Fell asked him to provide. Following the minor joining RPM, Karydis attempted to apologise to him on Topix’s behalf, but it was ignored, leading to the departure of the minor from RPM. 

According to Karydis, the minor (who is now in high school) expressed great regret over what happened and has been traumatised by all of these events.

The allegations against Topix continued, with Karydis detailing how following the creation of Paradox (the precursor to Oddity and not to be confused with the already established Paradox Gaming), Topix kicked two of Karydis’s close friends for, allegedly, no apparent reason. 

In addition to this, in the TwitLonger Karydis mentions how Topix expressed jealousy and insecurity over things like not being in certain Discord channels. A particular example was when Topix would interrogate many of Karydis’s friends in voice calls, asking them “personal” and “disgusting” questions about their lives. 

Lastly, Karydis detailed how Topix would frequently talk to him about the women he was currently dating, sending screenshots of conversations with them alongside photos and descriptions. At the time, Karydis was 16 when he was receiving this alleged commentary from Topix about his various relationships. 

When approached for comment, Oddity Esports management stated “It is extremely saddening that we are communicating under these current circumstances. We would like to inform you that everything that has occurred or come to light, Oddity Esports was not aware of what has occurred at the time, do not condone the actions of Jared Fell and also have any relation to Jared at this point in time.” 

Here’s The Thing reached out to Karydis following these allegations and talked with him earlier today. He discussed talking to the minor after Topix had allegedly requested the aforementioned inappropriate photographs, with the minor feeling he’d been singled out – as this wasn’t the way other people in the community were treated. 

The minor wishes to stay anonymous but did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication

Here’s The Thing also reached out to Fell for comment, but he did not respond at the time of publishing.

This is part of an ongoing investigation, and we will update this article with any new information that becomes available.

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