FNATIC qualify for the 2020 Six Invitational

Ben Scott
January 5, 2020

Local Australian Rainbow Six: Siege team, FNATIC, has bested the top Asia-Pacific teams at the APAC Six Invitational Qualifier held in Sydney today and have now officially locked in their spot at the 2020 Six Invitational - which is set to be held in Montreal, Canada, next month.

Following the closure of the Season 10 ANZ Pro League, FNATIC underwent multiple roster changes in hopes of recementing their place as the top Australasian team; which is currently guarded by Wildcard Gaming (formerly known as Orgless)

Active Roster:

Despite the small preparation time with new editions Tex and MentalistC, FNATIC went on to defeat both Cloud9 and Xavier Esports in clean sets without dropping a single map in either series; ultimately locking their spot in at this year’s Six Invitational. 

Map one of FNATIC’s series against Cloud9 started off with a series of back and forth rounds between the teams, which is likely the result of both teams warming up to each other. But what set FNATIC apart from Cloud9 was an impressive one versus three clutch from Virtue in the ninth round to secure Fnatic a two round advantage and map point. 

Following a costly team kill by Cloud9 in the tenth round, FNATIC went on to close out the first map (Bank) and move one step closer to that all important grand final. 

Map two had a similar scenario to the previous map, with both teams trading rounds in the early stages of the match - but ultimately FNATIC was able to pull ahead once again in the later rounds to best Cloud9 7:4 and secure their place in the grand final. 

Shane Bailey, Esports and Brand Manager at Ubisoft Australia, sat behind the team during the series and posted to Twitter afterwards saying “privileged to be sitting behind the boys for their semifinal match today. The team comms and intel gathering were on point the whole series. Seeing incredible team work on display is one of my favourite things about esports.”

FNATIC vs Cloud9 (Semifinals)

  • Bank - 7:4 (FNATIC)
  • Kafe - 7:4 (FNATIC)

With the grand finals kicking off, FNATIC found themselves up against a surprising Xavier Esports side, who had just bested Cyclops Athlete Gaming 2:1 - all talent, except for one, had predicted Cyclops to be FNATIC’s opponent in the grand final. 

Nonetheless, FNATIC did not seem phased at all by Xavier Esports in the first map of the series, as they went on to completely pick their opponents apart on Clubhouse and walk away with the first map 7:3. 

But Xavier Esports came back fighting on the second map, which ended up seeing the team's head into overtime on an all important map for the Xavier Esports side. Despite Xavier Esports securing the first round of overtime, FNATIC fought back with an all important attack round which saw Tex and Virtue pick up two kills each. 

FNATIC managed to hold on in that all important final round of map two, which officially cemented their place at the 2020 Six Invitational - where they will join Wildcard Gaming as the second APAC representative, which also means that Australia will have two teams at the Six Invitational next month. 

FNATIC vs Xavier Esports (Grand Final)

  • Clubhouse - 7:3 (FNATIC)
  • Consulate - 8:7 (FNATIC)

Congratulations to FNATIC on qualifying and we wish you nothing but the best next month.

If you wish to stay connected with FNATIC, be sure to follow them on Twitter.