Empress Gaming announces their launch, lead by Nicole Constantine

Nicholas Taifalos
November 1, 2020

Empress Gaming has today announced their launch into the Australasian esports space — a platform for female content creators both new to the gaming industry and for seasoned competing professionals.

Founded by Nicole ‘NicoleThePeach’ Constantine, Empress Gaming will look to provide a space for the female gaming community to collaborate and create content, at both a casual level and a competitive one. With a VALORANT tournament already planned, Empress Gaming will work with female creators to lead female-focused initiatives across the region.

Constantine’s drive and focus on social media & talent within the gaming industry led to a position at Click Management in 2018 — helping oversee a talent lineup unlike any other in the region.

For over two years, Constantine worked with the likes of Lachlan ‘Lachlan’ Power & Harley ‘MrFreshAsian’ Fresh to build both Click and the Fresh Official brands into veritable powerhouses of the gaming space, with over 1.5 billion monthly views across a myriad of networks between the managed talent.

Now in 2020, Constantine will aim to shape the future of female content and competition in Oceania and beyond through Empress Gaming. She is familiar with female-focused initiatives in the scene, leading the $5,000 GameFace Tournament in connection with Benefit Cosmetics in September — one of the largest female esports events in the Oceanic region to date.

“My goal in the creation of Empress is to celebrate and provide equal opportunities to women in gaming. Not only just through the internal team, but in supporting the endeavours of established and upcoming creators and competitive players,” said Constantine in a press release this week.

Together with Community Manager Lynn ‘PlayItShady’ Zhou, League Operations Manager Elisha ‘Leisha’ Burton & Social Media Manager Jasmine ‘JasLottie’ Kelly, the Empress quartet bring over a decade of experience to the new organisation — from active competition in esports titles, to back-of-house management and everything in between.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to make the mark I have within this industry as a young woman and feel it's important that others are able to do the same.”

Keep up with the latest news, events and more out of Empress Gaming via Twitter @EmpressGG or Instagram @empress.gaming, and get in touch with the team via the official Empress Gaming Discord server.

Interested in joining the ranks of Empress Gaming? You can check out their registration form here.

For inquires about Empress Gaming you can contact hello@empress-gaming.com