Counter Strike Power Rankings, June 14th

Alex Cascio
June 14, 2020

Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive panelists are:

1. Renegades (-)

"Nothing much to say, best team in the region. Looking beatable as of late, shown by a few truckers with attitude, but once Dexter implements some of his special dry run sessions, they’ll fix a lot of weaknesses."

Recent Results:

  • 2:0 vs Avant (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 0:2 vs TWA (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 3:2 vs Avant (DH Masters Spring Grand Final)
  • 2:1 vs Avant (DH Masters Spring)

Active Roster: dexter, sico, INS, malta and Hatz

2. Avant (-) 

"Avant has shown that sticking together and reflecting upon losses develops team cohesion and minimises mistakes. They are currently in good form, but need to re-evaluate maps they seem to lack depth on (Inferno and Mirage). Ap0c is also looking like a sharp 15 year old boy." 

Recent Results:

  • 0:2 vs Renegades (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 2:3 vs Renegades (DH Masters Spring)
  • 2:1 vs ORDER (DH Masters Spring)
  • 2:0 vs ORDER (DreamHack Masters Qual)

Active Roster: BL1TZ, HaZR, ap0c, ofnu and strerl1ng

3. ORDER (-) 

"ORDER are a team that rarely lose to those lower ranked, however they struggle to win in that top 3. After tripping at the finish line in an amazing attempt at dethroning the Renegades in the Road to Rio Grand Final, the boys need to focus. When they face off against Avant & Renegades, ORDER have to operate at the same level as when crushing ranks 4-10. We know these guys can win, we just need to see it more regularly.”

Recent Results:

  • 2:0 vs Paradox (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 1:2 Avant (DH Masters Spring)
  • 2:0 Chiefs (DH Masters Spring)
  • 0:2 Avant (DH Masters Spring)

Active Roster: aliStair, Rickeh, USTILO, Valiance and J1rah

4. Chiefs ESC (-)

"Nothing really too much to focus on here, Chiefs have made a very big change in the recent weeks with Jinxx stepping away from CS:GO, and the removal of Skullhunter & Mayker. Tom “apocdud” Henry has made a huge step in re-constructing a roster with the primary focus being on young lads with sharp skills. With the experience of Yam on the cards, I’m hoping that this risky roster pays off and that Zeph, Soju & vexite slot in well and show the region what they are made of."

Recent Results:

  • 16:2 vs Control (MDL S34)
  • 0:2 vs ORDER (DH Masters Spring)
  • 1:2 vs Renegades (DH Masters Spring)
  • 16:9 PC419 (MDL S34)

Active Roster: soju_j, HUGHMUNGUS, apocdud, zeph and vexite

5. Ground Zero Gaming (-)

“Ground Zero have had some solid showings but just keep on falling short of the top 4 teams. Being knocked to the lower bracket of ANZ Champs by TWA has certainly been a wakeup call for the boys in green. Here’s hoping that they buckle down and are prepared for whoever loses the Order vs Paradox game later tonight, or they might get knocked out earlier than expected." 

  • Geordie “Mac” McAleer

Recent Results:

  • 16:9 vs Forbidden (ESEA MDL S34)
  • 1:2 vs Paradox (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 16:8 vs Bantz (ESEA MDL S34)
  • 16:1 vs really weird (ESEA MDL S34)

Active Roster: bURNRUOk, PEARS, Llamas, Noobster and Liki

6. Rooster (-) 

“DannyG’s ‘super team’ got sent packing from ANZ Champs earlier than expected after surprisingly facing Avant in the 1st round of the lower bracket. It’s a shame, as I was hoping to see how far they could get in this first split of Season 11. The team as a whole is continuing to dominate the tier 2 scene and are keeping the top teams on their toes with their solid fundamentals and sharp aim. They’re still a young team that is growing well over time."

  • Geordie “Mac” McAleer

Recent Results:

  • 2-0 vs Downfall (LPL Pro League)
  • 19-17 vs Skyfire (MDL S34)
  • 16-3 vs Control (MDL S34)
  • 16-7 vs Forbidden (MDL S34)

Active Roster: chelleos, ADK, DannyG, nettik and ASAP

7. Paradox (-) 

“Paradox have seen quite the rough patch these last few weeks – having some good results, but some poor outcomes too. Against the top teams in the region, they seem to get beaten heavily, but then also they do okay sometimes, even claiming a win (Rooster for MDL match and Avant in ESL ANZ Champs). Things have taken a turn for this roster though, as Ino is now stepping down from Paradox. It will be good to see who they get as a replacement, though I have my eyes on Danger as Sharvesh recently left Overt and has been seen in the team for Paradox MDL matches since Ino departed. Personally, I think Danger will bring a heap of firepower to the roster, just like we recently saw with Versa being added."

Recent Results:

  • 0-2 vs Rooster (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 2-0 vs Overt (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 0-2 vs Rooster (ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 10-16 vs Bantz (MDL S34)

Active Roster: dangeR, rbz, ekul, versa and bedonka

8. TWA (-) 

"The Truckers are moving along with 1 flat tire at the moment. They can drive alright, but should get it aired up soon. I say this due to the fact that Brace has left the Truckers to join Bantz. To be completely honest, The Truckers’ results have been quite decent as of late, besting Ground Zero 2 to 0 in the ESL ANZ Champs, and knocking them down to the lower section. It’ll be really cool to see how they stack up against Renegades, seeing how recently, they have dropped some maps to our region's teams. Sitting in 6th for MDL, I expect them to make finals and have a really good crack at the bracket, same with the rest of the Champs Season. Roster shakeups are happening a lot in our region at present, so I wonder who the Truckers will get to fill the void that Brace has left behind "

Recent Results:

  • 2:1 vs Bantz (LPL S5)
  • 2:0 vs Renegades ESL AUNZ S11)
  • 2:0 vs Ground Zero (ESL AUNZ S11)

Active Roster: pz, smooth_crim, JD, pan1K and swede

9. Skyfire (-) 

"Since our last edition of the rankings, Skyfire have unfortunately continued on a difficult MDL campaign - they claimed a 16-14 over Overt, and managed single digit scores against the Chiefs (7-16) and Avant (9-16). They played a close game against Ground Zero, playing out a full 30 round affair before falling just short. They have upcoming clashes against Order and Paradox, and hopefully we'll see a return to form from the Skyfire squad - considering their roster stacked with both veteran and newer talent, there's a lot of potential in this lineup, and I look forward to seeing them develop. "

Recent Results:

  • 16-14 vs Overt (MDL S34)
  • 7-16 vs Shidiots (MDL S34)
  • 14-16 vs PC419 (MDL S34)
  • 16-6 vs Justice (MDL S34)

Active Roster: Moey, Noisia, tot, Prodigy and Dirty

10. Incept (-) 

"After fighting to hold onto their MDL spot in relegations prior to the last edition of our rankings, Incept have had mixed results in Season 34. Managing 13 rounds against the Chiefs and a very tight 16-14 over Avant, they've looked decent against the top teams in the league, but have struggled for consistency against the middle of the table teams, currently sitting at a 4-8 W/L record. They have a game against ORDER up soon, and it remains to be seen whether they will remain competitive against the top teams. Nonetheless, Incept remains a team with promise, and I hope to see them continue to improve."

Recent Results:

  • 10-16 vs TWA (MDL S34)
  • 13-16 vs Chiefs (MDL S34)
  • 16-13 vs Fury (MDL S34)
  • 1-0 vs iwis (MDL S34)

Active Roster: SkulL, yourwombat, nibke, Rev and micalis

Don’t agree with our power rankings? Let us know where you would place the teams.  


  • Photos by HLTV / StarLadder Berlin Minor