Counter Strike Power Rankings, October 21st

Ben Scott
October 21, 2019

With the Zowie eXTREMESLAND Regional Finals coming to a close and a magnitude of online play completed, we are back with another installment of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive power rankings. 

With Rob “Manic” Munday and Tim “brainstorm” Dunne on hiatus from Counter-Strike due to other commitments, we have acquired Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman to assist with this installment of power rankings.

Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive panelists are:

  • Geordie “Mac” McAleer
  • Mitch “Conky” Concanen
  • Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman
  • Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

1.) Grayhound Gaming (-)

“Once again solidifying their spot at the top. They had a great performance throughout the first stage of the ESL Pro League, without dropping a single map to qualify for stage two. Following this, they had another big weekend on LAN at the Zowie eXTREMESLAND Regional Finals. They took down ORDER with a core four roster and super-sub “whitegurlwated” in the grand final, which just goes to show how far ahead of the pack they are right now.”

- Geordie “Mac” McAleer

Key Achievements: 

  • 2-0 vs ORDER (Zowie)
  • 2-1 vs ORDER (Zowie)
  • 2-0 vs Team Liquid (DH)
  • 1-2 vs Mouseports (DH)
  • 16-10 vs Evil Geniuses (DH)

Active Roster: dexter, sico, INS, malta and DickStacy

2.) ORDER (-)

“Since the ESL AUNZ Championships, people questioned whether ORDER were capable of holding onto their ranking or not. They’ve continued to improve, as USTILO seems to have brought another level of experience to the team. They went undefeated in the ESL Pro League and also made a solid lower bracket run this weekend at the Zowie eXTREMESLAND Regional Finals to lock in their position at the Asia finals.”

- Geordie “Mac” McAleer

Key Achievements: 

  • 1-2 vs Grayhound (Zowie)
  • 2-1 vs Chiefs (Zowie)
  • 2-1 vs Chiefs (EPL)
  • 2-0 vs Chiefs (AUNZ)

Active Roster: emagine, aliStair, hatz, USTILO and Valiance

3.) The Chiefs Esports Club (+1)

“After a big performance and only narrowly missing out on qualifying for China at the Zowie eXTREMESLAND Regional Finals this weekend, it’s clear that The Chiefs are sitting in third comfortably. In addition to that, they took down Avant Gaming in their opening match, and then ran three maps against Grayhound and ORDER. It was nice to see them back in form after a run of some less than stellar results.”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

Key Achievements: 

  • 1-2 vs Grayhound (Zowie)
  • 1-2 vs ORDER (Zowie)
  • 2-1 vs AVANT (Zowie)

Active Roster: tucks, zewsyy, ofnu, Texta and BL1TZ

4.) Avant Gaming (-1)

“Finally now that we’ve had a small chain of events that have really begun to establish where our top four sits, it’s clear that Avant are slightly behind. Unfortunately we saw them losing both of their matches this past weekend to Chiefs and ORDER in the Zowie eXTREMESLAND Regional Finals. Avant are still an amazing team, showing so much promise in a short time and if they continue to grow, they’ll be serious contenders representing our region overseas.”

- Mitch “Conky” Concanen

Key Achievements: 

  • 1-2 vs Chiefs (Zowie)
  • 2-0 vs Ground Zero (EPL)
  • 2-0 vs Catman (EPL)

Active Roster: J1rah, hazr, apoc, soju and strerl1ng

5.) Genuine Gaming (-)

“Genuine Gaming continue to show consistency in their ability to maintain results and challenge our region's top teams. With a minor stumble in the LPL Pro League Finals, they’ll now have their attention turned towards the OMEN Challenger Finals, with another chance to impress against the regions best.”

- Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman

Key Achievements:

  • 2-0 vs Paradox (LPL)
  • 2-0 vs Ground Zero (LPL)
  • 19-16 vs MadLikeWizards (MDL)

Active Roster: Jinxx, stat, apocdud, Skullhunter & Mayker

6.) Catman (+4)

“After upset victories over the likes of Ground Zero and Genuine Gaming, Catman have reaffirmed the fact that they are definitely a team to watch. They continue to impress me, whilst currently sitting at the top of the MDL ladder after fifteen matches.”

- Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman

Key Achievements:

  • 16-10 vs Paradox (MDL)
  • 25-23 vs MadLikeWizards (MDL)
  • 16-14 vs Genuine (MDL)

Active Roster: dizzy, mattcd, lsnow, disk0 and tensai

7.) Airborne E.C. (+2)

“Formerly known as Monkey See Monkey Do, they have finally been able to find a place to call home. With that being said they kicked off the announcement with a fantastic best of five win over Genuine Gaming for the LPL Pro Finals. With a couple more weeks left in ESEA Open, they’ll have their sights set firmly on finals, and MDL Qualification.”

- Matthew “mattyB” Bowerman

Key Achievements:

  • 3-1 vs Genuine Gaming (LPL)
  • 2-1 vs Paradox (LPL)

Active Roster: pz, smooth_crim, JD, laes and swede

8.) MadLikeWizards (-)

“MadLikeWizards are still going stable currently, although hopefully there isn’t more forfeits like we saw last week against Grayhound. This team has a collection of really sharp players and I do want to see them progress.”

- Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

Key Achievements:

  • 16-14 vs MC (MDL)
  • 23-25 vs Catman (MDL)

Active Roster: Chelleos, Ju1ces, ADK, Spookr & RaZ

9.) PC419 (new)

“PC419 have been showing good form lately and I am very excited to see how they will go, given more time. I think that this is a team we will see sticking together for a while, and personally, I hope they do.”

- Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

Key Achievements:

  • 16-11 vs MadLikeWizards (MDL)
  • 22-19 vs MC (MDL)

Active Roster: Wolfy, Doom, Muzoona, BeeTee and DuckyPanic

10.) SYF Gaming (new)

“It’s always hard to say who exactly sits in this area of the rankings, but I feel comfortable in saying SYF are 10th at the moment. Last week we saw them defeat PC419 in overtime, which is why I am placing them here. Still, I want to see more from these guys. Big potential in the team.”

- Dion “Komodo” Pirotta

Key Achievements:

  • 22-19 vs PC419 (MDL)
  • 16-10 vs Jade (MDL)

Active Roster: urbz, ekul, bedonka, ino and cookie

Komodo’s Notes: We’re currently seeing the rise of MC Esports, formerly known as “rewound”. If results from them continue to arise, it’s likely we will see them taking it to the bottom half of these rankings for our next installment. 

Congratulations to all of those who have made it on our power rankings and well done to those who have progressed up the ranks. Let us know what you think about our rankings and if we got it right or not!