Zoid and Xtreme join Team Immunity ahead of Predator League

Ben Scott
December 10, 2019

Published today on the Team Immunity social media accounts was the announcement of Tenzin “Zoidm8” Wallis and Russell “Xtreme” Walters joining the Team Immunity PUBG roster ahead of the 2020 Predator League; which is set to be held in February of next year.

Team Immunity competed in the 2019 Predator League and have since been invited to attend next years edition - reported on November 19th.

New Team Immunity PUBG Roster (source)

Sources have stated that both players will instead be filling for the Team Immunity for the 2020 Predator League and will remain in free agency throughout their time with the roster - no official contract signings have been made.

We reached out to Russell “Xtreme” Walters to confirm, with him going on to say “Zoid and I will be joining the Team Immunity roster for the 2020 Predator League and nothing more at this current point in time. We both will remain in free agency throughout our time here.”

Zoid and Xtreme both announced on December 4th that they are unrestricted free agents heading into next year and are both exploring opportunities overseas. With that being said, both of their announcements received a lot of attention from both local and overseas talent. Currently the competitive community are in the dark of what the road map looks like for next year.

Previously, Tenzin “Zoidm8” Wallis had been a long standing member of the Athletico Esports lineup - having joined the roster in November of last year. Russell “Xtreme” Walters most recent team was also Athletico Esports, but he has also had experience on international teams like Ghost Gaming and Wildcard Gaming.

Both players will debut with Team Immunity at the 2020 Predator League alongside Nicholas “Nick101” Elliot and Vasili “vasili” Varipatis in February of next year. More information about the tournament is yet to be released, but we will report it across our social media channels as it comes.

If you wish to stay connected with Team Immunity at the Predator League next year, be sure to follow them on Twitter.