XP Esports set to launch an exclusive women's league next year

Ben Scott
November 21, 2019

XP Esports recently announced that they will be launching an Australasian esports league exclusively for women competitors. Rainbow Six: Siege and Overwatch are set to be the two frontrunners for the league, with more titles to be announced later in 2020. All of which follows XP Esports’ recent announcement of their $10,000AUD Call of Duty Championship, held next year. 

In a statement provided by Brodie Fisher, Director of XP Esports, he stated “creating an exciting, sustainable women’s esports competition for both online and offline events has always been a priority for us. We want to grow and develop the competitive women’s scene, as well as nurture new talent of all ages in professional environments.”

It’s been promoted on the XP Esports social media platforms that the league will kick-off in February of 2020, with an online league and potentially an offline event, although the offline event hasn’t been heavily talked about thus far. With that being said, XP Esports have also stated that alongside the professional leagues, there will be a social league for those looking to socialise with other women in the space. 

Here’s what we know:

  • Professional and social online leagues.
  • Potential of a live offline event.
  • Rainbow Six and Overwatch as the first titles.
  • Kick-starts in February next year.

XP Esports has elected Tegan Jayde, otherwise known as ‘AbruptDragon’ online, to lead the league, as well as a Rainbow Six and Overwatch streamer named ‘Lozza361’ to join the team as a league admin. Tegan Jayde has since stated on social media, “if you’re interested in playing or being a part of this, please reach out. We can only build as big as the community allows. It’s a fantastic start for women’s esports on this side of the world.”

Above: XP Esports activation at a Brisbane Bullets NBL match (source)

More information of the leagues are yet to be released, but should come out soon.

If you’re interested in partaking in the leagues next year, it’s been said that you should reach out to Tegan Jayde on Twitter and go from there. 

Here’s The Thing will provide more information on the league as it comes out, so stay connected with us on social media.