Vendetta qualify for PGC 2019 Semi Finals

Ben Scott

It’s official, Vendetta have qualified for the semi finals of the PUBG Global Championship after a successful run through their group stage round. With that being said, their Australasian counterparts, Athletico, have failed to do so. But Athletico will still have one more chance tomorrow, as they look to take on the elimination round. 

Both teams have been in Los Angeles, USA, this weekend after qualifying for the PUBG Global Championship through the ESL AUNZ Championship two weeks ago.

Vendetta’s Group Stage Run

Although the players from Vendetta expressed that they are disappointed in their overall result, there is no taking away from what this team accomplished during their group stage run. Thanks to a total of twenty seven kills and strong placements, they managed to place fourth overall and secured their spot in the semi finals with flying colours.

Game one for Vendetta was a show of brute force, having dominated the server with a total of seven kills between the team. Although they didn’t walk away with a chicken dinner in their opening match, they still managed to place second and kick-start their run with some strong placement points; falling to OGN Entus Ace, who went on to top the group. 

Above: Vendetta at ESL AUNZ Champs (Credit: Sarah Cooper / ESL)

There was no stopping Vendetta there though, as game two saw yet another strong performance from the Australasian team, given a solid third place finish. Alongside their placement, they managed to rack up even more kills from the last game; walking away from game two with eight kills. Following their first two games, Vendetta went on to place fifth in both games three and four, as well as six kills between the two games. 

After the strong results from the first four games, you can gain an understanding of where the players were disappointed; which would be with their final two games. Below than average performances in the last two games saw Vendetta place both tenth and eighth to finish off the day, whilst also claiming another six kills. But nonetheless, thanks to a strong first half of the day, they managed to maintain their position and secure fourth place overall in their group. 

Vendetta’s Active Roster:

Sam “nonreg” Constantini, player for Vendetta, expressed his thoughts on the day by posting his thoughts to Twitter, which stated “a little disappointed that we only finished fourth. But I’m super stoked we qualified, as that’s all that matters. I can’t wait for next week.” (source)

Given that this team is only newly established and that that players on the roster have expressed that they don’t commit themselves to the competitive scene as much anymore due to the competitive atmosphere, this is an extremely impressive result for them. But that’s not taking away from the high caliber of skill that each and everyone one of the players present. 

Sadly Athletico were not able to mirror Vendetta’s results when they tackled their group; ultimately forcing them to play the elimination stage tomorrow. There is no doubt that Australasia will be behind them throughout the day.

You can stay connected with Vendetta as they take on the semi-finals next weekend, via their Twitter.

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