Oddity Esports Co-Founder Topix Abruptly Departs Organisation Part 1

Here's The Thing
April 13, 2020

Sunday morning at 11:36AM AEST, Jared “Topix” Fell, co-founder of local esports organisation, Oddity Esports, officially tendered his resignation effective immediately according to a statement made by the club.

In this statement, Jared “Topix” Fell gave some words which read “I will not allow my circumstances to be a distraction to the explementary work conducted by Oddity Esports and acknowledge my actions that have placed the business at risk."

What followed only 6 minutes later was a departure tweet from a former Paladins Player and Content Creator with Oddity, EllierooOCE, alleging that Fell had groomed, sexually harassed and preyed on her.

Source: @EllierooOCE

Almost immediately, Fell denied the accusations in a reply to Ellie’s statement, stating “lies on top of lies.”

Source: Fell has since deactivated his account

We approached Oddity Esports for further comment on the situation, in which they responded with “we do not take these circumstances of unethical conduct lightly and have put in place policies, guidelines and strategies moving forward after reviewing the underlying issues that exist.” 

“We are saddened that it has come to this final outcome where we have lost a respected co-founder of Oddity Esports,” they concluded.

Verbal testimony provided by both parties to Here’s The Thing, confirmed what started as a genuine working relationship between both Ellie and Jared, quickly transformed into something much more than that. 

After joining Oddity in late 2019 as a part of the Paladins roster, Ellie was quickly transitioned into part of the support staff for the organization as the demand for a team in the game disappeared. According to both, Fell then became an avid supporter of her in her new position, providing feedback on her stream, social media, and all aspects of what she was doing.

Conversation logs provided to Here’s The Thing, show that between December and January, there were multiple situations where Fell pressured Ellie into revealing personal information about herself, her own private conversations, and her relationships with other people. Ultimately it came to a point in the conversation where Fell was attempting to solicit inappropriate photos from Ellie.

In the case of attempting to solicit inappropriate photos from Ellie, Fell found out that Ellie had sent explicit photos to another individual and then expressed that he was disappointed that he didn’t receive them as well - at this time Fell was engaged.

The pressure from Fell continued through until early February, after which the frequency and length of conversation between the two quickly decreased before grinding to a near halt in early March.

At 8:00PM AEST on April the 6th, Fell formally apologised to Ellie in front of the other members of Oddity leadership, before their statement was issued Sunday. He then sent another apology to her on Sunday morning, after the details of his resignation were made public.

When asked for comment, Fell responded that he “had made a terrible mistake, and a bad judgement call with Ellie. I went along with a flirtatious conversation with Ellie which I should have stopped straight away.

He added, “I was helping Ellie with her social media and her content role with Oddity, I was giving her feedback on what she was and wasn’t putting on social media, and that’s transpired into something inappropriate.”

I’ve admitted my wrongdoings and apologised to Ellie, and the consequences are that I’ve lost everything in my life to do with esports.” concluded Fell.

This is part of an ongoing investigation, and we will update this article with any new information that becomes available.

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