Todd departs Oddity Esports R6 after controversial decisions

Ben Scott
December 7, 2019

Oddity Esports announced last night that they would be parting ways with one of their long-standing Rainbow Six: Siege players, Vinnie, who played an integral part of the teams success throughout Season 10 of the ANZ Pro League. 

In a brief statement posted on Twitter, Vinnie said “it was a wild ride, but all good things must come to an end - this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from me.”

Despite the social presence seemingly pointing in the way of both parties departing on mutual terms, another member of the Rainbow Six: Siege team posted to Twitter with a twitlonger explaining his view of the situation and shockingly announced that he is leaving the roster due to disagreements with the team deciding to drop Vinnie. 

Todd, who is a veteran of the ANZ Rainbow Six: Siege competitive community, was the player that decided to leave the team due to disagreements. He said in his twit-longer, “I strongly oppose the decisions that the team made behind my back. Vinnie was not the cause of our problems and Dgtl isn’t a Vinnie replacement - please don’t take that the wrong way Dgtl.”

Although that quote summarizes why he left the roster, he went on to detail the events leading up to his decision by stating “I was messaging Sinnix, our coach, spit-balling ideas on what we can do to fix the problems we were having. He replied saying that he wanted a one on one meeting with me later, which I didn’t really think anything of it because it’s something he has done with everyone as soon as he became the coach.”

“He said that the team has decided to kick Vinnie, because he has attitude problems, which left me completely stunned. I was never consulted about this and completely disagree that Vinnie has any attitude problems that are worthy of him being kicked from the team,” continued Todd.

“He gets frustrated in scrims, as do I, when people keep making the same mistakes over and over; which in my opinion is completely fair. We are a competitive team and we are here to win,” detailed Todd. “Vinnie was the only person on the team, apart from myself, who was actually putting in enough effort,” Todd finished. 

Todd went on to talk about how despite arguing his points to Sinnix, the decision had already been made and that it was going to happen regardless of what he had to say. 

He then went on to state that two hours following his meeting with Sinnix, he stated that he would be leaving the team effective immediately; detailing that he strongly opposes the decision to remove Vinnie and replace him with Dgtl

With Todd’s departure from the team, he will be restricted from playing in Season 11 of the ANZ Pro League for at least half of the season - due to roster lock rules that are in place. Nonetheless, he has explained that he is open to coaching opportunities until then and or will join a team as a player if the opportunity comes. 

Although Vinnie had a more passive farewell statement, he has shown support of Todd’s twit-longer by sharing it on his platform. 

No farewell post or statement around Todd’s departure has gone live on the Oddity Esports social channels from the time of this article going live - other than the announcement of former Extricity player, Giovanni, replacing Todd on the team. 

We reached out to Oddity Esports for questioning. A spokesperson went on to state “at this current point, Oddity Esports wishes to not comment on the matter due to unresolved topics.”

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