Team PWR acquire Fortnite veteran, Sync

Ryan Seder
September 8, 2021

Australasian based organisation, Team PWR, has officially signed a veteran of Australasian Fortnite, Dale ‘Sync’ Mulvogue. Sync comes to the organisation boasting just over 220,000 YouTube subscribers and has just come off competing in the Season 17 FNCS Grand Finals with his trio PWR Radius and JFT Volx, where they placed 8th overall.

I had the opportunity to touch base with Sync who gave me some insight into his decorated career here in Australasia and the title as a whole.

Dale ‘Sync’ Mulvogue got into gaming at a very young age where he started playing casually on the PS2. He made his way into the Call of Duty space on PS3 where he mastered his skills of trickshotting, and started making short YouTube videos. After buying his first PC, he became heavily involved with competitive gaming. He focused on playing Counter-Strike for 2 years, and then picked up H1Z1, which is where his passion in esports flared.

After a long grind with content creation, Sync has found himself with over 220,000 YouTube Subscribers, so it’s no surprise that content creation plays a huge part in his success. He knew that in order to make money, he couldn't rely on competitive earnings because there is little investment in Oceania Fortnite compared to other regions at this point in time. However, the big question everyone wonders about Sync is why doesnt he stream?

Sync told us, “As for why I don’t stream it's more of a personal thing, I am not overly confident with people watching me live and it's something that I plan on working on. Hopefully I get a new PC that allows me to stream without having to worry about performance so I can do it more in the future.”

During his Fortnite career, Sync has represented some of the best organisations the region has to offer, including both The Chiefs Esports Club and Legacy Esports - two of the region's most decorated organisations.

He joined Chiefs on June 1 2018, where he says his experiences in Chiefs were memorable and that Chiefs was his first BIG organisation that he was involved with and there were alot of new things he had learnt about regarding esports. Sync departed the organisation in August of 2019 but states that without them, he wouldn’t have the strong connections he has in the industry today.

One of Sync’s most memorable experiences to date was the opportunity to go overseas for the Fortnite World Cup. Although he did not qualify for the tournament, he headed to New York with all the Oceania qualifiers - Slaya, Parpy and Volx. Sync is forever grateful to The Chiefs Esports Club for giving him the opportunity to go, stating “the event was so cool and I'm super excited for Fortnite to bring back these events and to see everyone again in the future – once the pandemic is over.”

He joined Legacy in February 2020 and remained with the organisation until the start of this year, although his experience with Legacy differed dramatically due to the arrival of COVID-19. Besides COVID impacting the operations of Sync in Legacy, everyone he met was “great and super professional” and he says “I still talk to a lot of the people that I met from there.

At the time of writing, Sync has earned $40,280 from online Fortnite events and $7,000 from LAN events, where he won $5,000 in 2019 Australian Open (11th place), and $2,000 in 2020 Australian Open (34th place).

Sync revealed that negotiations with PWR had been ongoing for quite sometime and that the organisation had expressed their interest in his content creation awhile ago. In a statement provided to HTT, Sync went on to say “I am super excited to be on board with them now, and I’m super keen to see what we can start to do with content and growth in the group.

Finishing by stating that Lachlan, Founder of Team PWR, has a lot installed for the brand and he looks forward to being a part of it. Sync went on to provide some reasoning behind his decision to join an organisation like Team PWR.

Sync went on to say that two major reasons behind signing to PWR were their players and goals. He is friends with a lot of the roster and he knows how the organisation operates. Sync understands what PWR expects from their players, and that made him want to be a part of Team PWR’s journey even more. 

By tapping into Lachlan’s knowledge, Sync hopes to grow as a player and become a world-renowned content creator.

Sync concluded our chat by providing advice to those aspiring to make it big in the world of esports and content creation by stating “the best thing I can say is, if you enjoy what you do and think you’re good at it, try streaming and creating some content, even if it's just for fun.”

“Also, try not to worry too much about the numbers. Just have fun, it never hurts to try something new and see where it might lead,” concluded Sync.


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