Team Ferox crowned champions of the LPL PUBG Challenger League

Ben Scott
December 18, 2019

Team Ferox have been crowned champions of the LPL PUBG Challenger League after nine weeks of grueling matches against fifteen of the region's top teams. Their win comes after having sat in second place for the majority of the season and stepping up when it counts - in the final week. 

LPL Challenger League Champions:

Ferox acquired this roster back on November 21st, with Fludd announced as a substitute fourth member of the team until they ultimately found their final player - although he ultimately continued filling for the remainder of the season, with Luke12 filling in for him during the final week. Local players Insight and Linksy also subbed in for the team during the season. 

Although the team had sat in second place for the majority of the season, playing as Charm Farmers prior to their acquisition, the team dominated the season stat board - holding the top two placements for most kills, second place for most assists, second place for damage dealt, and so much more. 

Full Season Stats: click here.

Jack Weinert, Founder of Team Ferox, expressed his excitement for the win by stating to us “I am extremely happy and very impressed with the determination of the PUBG team. Having been situated in second place for the majority of the season, we needed a big final night, and thankfully we had just that. With this PUBG team being the first roster at Ferox to win a competition under our banner, we are so incredibly proud and excited for the future."

"Big props to the Fury Australia team for making the fight for first place a competitive and enjoyable one to watch," finished Jack.

All players from the team have expressed their enjoyment of this seasons LPL Challenger League on social media, and have stated that they look forward to the next season.

With their win for Season 4 of the LPL PUBG Challenger League, Team Ferox walks away with $1,200 in prize money and receive an automatic placement into next season alongside the other teams within the top ten. 

This win brings promising signs for Team Ferox as an organisation, given that they established themselves in the Australasian region recently. Having recently acquired last seasons champions of the LPL Rainbow Six Challenger League and their PUBG team now winning the LPL Challenger League, only time will tell how far this organisation goes. 

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