RLCS Regional Finals Team Profile, Renegades

Ben Scott
November 15, 2019

With the RLCS Season 8 Regional Finals kicking off tomorrow here in Auckland, New Zealand, we had the opportunity to profile the Renegades Rocket League roster and gain some insight into the team’s approach to the competition. 

Renegades broke into the Oceanic Rocket League space back in May of this year, after acquiring a very strong Chiefs Esports Club lineup. Despite the original legendary Chiefs roster splitting up, with Jake retiring and Drippay joining Evil Geniuses, Torsos has managed to keep the Renegades roster on top form, especially given that they have secured first seed coming into the RLCS Regional Finals this weekend.

Active Roster:

  • Daniel “Torsos” Parsons
  • Cameron “Kamii” Ingram
  • Christopher “Siki” Magee

RLCS Season 8 for Renegades was an expected result, with the team placing first place overall and only dropping a single match in the season; that loss being an upset defeat to Canberra Havoc (Attack of the Invisible Ninja) during week two of the season. Nonetheless, the rest of the season from Renegades was extremely strong, only dropping a set to Emprox, Chiefs and Mindfreak; although overall winning 3-1 in each of these matches. 

Above: Daniel “Torsos” Parsons at DreamHack (source)

We kicked off our interview with the Renegades lineup by speaking with one of the regions most decorated players, Torsos. He spoke to us about how he thinks the Renegades lineup shapes up in comparison to the other teams at the competition by stating “I think that we are comfortably better than Ground Zero. But with Chiefs, we are pretty evenly matched, but we should definitely come out on top in that opening set.”

Touching on the fact that Drippay has returned to Oceania and they decided not to team with each other, we asked if that opening set will be a grudge match given that he will be up against a former teammate. Torsos went on to say “at the end of the day, we are really good friends. Although I’d like to beat him, of course.”

Continuing on the topic of former teammates, we asked Torsos how this roster sits in comparison to other teams he has been on in the past. “It’s still early days with this roster, but Kami and myself have had strong overseas results as a duo. There’s a lot of potential with this roster, so we’ll see how it goes; Siki is also a gamer,” said Torsos.

When talking about his former teammates, Drippay and Jake, Torsos kept it simple by saying “Jake held us back and losing Drippay was really rough.”

Moving on to Torsos thoughts on their online season as a whole, he went on to state “honestly despite the end result, it was a bit shaky online. We’re still working some stuff out, but if we play our game at this event, we will win the whole thing.”

Closing out the interview, we asked why Renegades don’t have any coaching staff, given that some of the teams here have assistance in external staff. “Not a lot of coaches or analysts actually add much value to a team, especially here in Oceania,” concluded Torsos.

Following our chat with Torsos, we moved on to talking with another strongly valued Oceanic player, Kamii. Starting off our chat, he spoke about the prospect of the Renegades team being at the top of their game by stating “we’re definitely not at the top of our game yet. We have lots to improve on, especially with our consistency. Although our upper-hand is the fact that the other teams are over aggressive, which we are good at counter-attacking.”

Speaking on their preparation for the event, Kamii went on to say “preparation for the event has been alright. We didn’t want to give too much away during the Gauntlet this past week, but it was tough to lose to The Chiefs the way we did. Other than that, we have just been reviewing replays to prepare for the event.

“Sadly, a lot of teams haven’t been scrimming, so play time has been hard to get as none of the teams outside of the top four have had any effort to play once not qualifying,” continued Kamii.

Closing out chat, Kamii spoke briefly on what needs to be done for the team to achieve greatness at this event, without giving away too much insight. “We just need to focus on ourselves and play our own game,”

Lastly we spoke to the latest edition to the team, Siki, who a lot of players have been raving about coming into this event; given his strong mechanics and carry ability on the pitch. We felt it was fitting by asking Siki how he has found moulding into this team, with him going on to say “It’s been hard to mould into this lineup, seeing as this team players with a much more strict playstyle. Seeing as there’s little to no tournaments online to put things to the test, I’ve really only had scrims to go off when it comes to practise, and this season of RLCS obviously.”

Siki went on to talk about how this roster stands out from the rest of the competition by telling us “we just are always on constant attack, and it seems the other teams can’t handle that. With that being said, we also have consistent results to back that up.”

When asked about if he believes the team will make it to the World Championship, Siki replied with a brief response of “I’m pretty confident that we will.” Kamii and Torsos also chimed in with the same response. 

We then asked the team if there were any teams they would be looking out for at this event or be studying closely. All of the players stated that there wasn’t anyone, but Torsos did mention that The Chiefs should be their toughest competition here. 

Renegades will be kicking their RLCS Season 8 Regional Finals run off tomorrow against a much talked about Chiefs Esports Club lineup. Some would say that this is potentially the grand final matchup, but nonetheless it’s set to deliver some top class Rocket League.

You can stay connected with the progress of Renegades’ Rocket League team via their Twitter.