Renegades return to Counter Strike by signing Grayhound Gaming

Ben Scott
December 3, 2019

Just hours out from their ESL Pro League Season 10 opener, North American-based organisation Renegades has announced its return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive through the acquisition of Grayhound Gaming. The move comes just over a month after the release of Renegades’ previous roster to 100 Thieves and reaffirms the Renegades mantra of continued development and focus upon Oceanic esports talent.

Active Roster:

This marks the third Australian-based lineup acquired by a large American organisation following the original Vox Eminor investment by Renegades in 2015 and Winterfox’s short tenure in mid-2016 - a project that involved current captain of Renegades, dexter.

Above: Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney at the 2019 Berlin Major (source)

Founded in 2017, Grayhound went through a number of iterations before finalising their roster with INS in September after the departure of Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga. Since then, Grayhound have torn apart opposition both in Oceania and Asia, including big scalps at S-Tier qualification events like IEM Sydney and Dreamhack Masters Malmö.

Their last three months in particular show signs of massive growth. A 94% win rate in Oceania against local talent, followed by their first international trophy outside of the Asia Minor circuit at OMEN Challenger Series has RNG easily ahead in Oceania and, excluding 100 Thieves, perhaps Asia as a whole.

It is not known whether RNG’s intentions will be to move the roster to Renegades’ home base in Detroit, Michigan, following the ESL Pro League finals. But it is speculated that the squad will remain based in Australia for the foreseeable future, with a move overseas an eventual outcome.

Renegades will play their first match under their new organisation against EPL event front-runners, Astralis, tonight at 12:30am AEDT / 3:30am NZDT.

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