Renegades receive direct invite to DreamHack Open Leipzig

Ben Scott
January 8, 2020

Announced in the early hours of this morning was the news of Renegades being invited to DreamHack Open Leipzig alongside the likes of BIG Clan, North, Virtus Pro and Sprout - the event is set to be held in Leipzig, Germany, on January 24th. 

With that being said, we reported yesterday that sources have confirmed to us that Jordan “Hatz” Bajic will be replacing Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney, so this will likely be the first offline event that we see Hatz in action with the Renegades lineup; he is also expected to compete with the team in the IEM Katowice Closed Qualifier next week. 

No Australasian team other than the old guard of Renegades and the prior roster before this one, now 100 Thieves, has been invited to a top tier international event outside of Asia-Pacific. News of this announcement shows great promise for the Australasian region, as this is likely only the beginning of more future invites to come. 

Whilst competing under the Grayhound Gaming banner last year, this Renegades lineup peaked on the HLTV World Rankings at 16th after finishing 7th/8th at DreamHack Malmo - defeating the likes of Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses - and a first place finish at the Asian Minor. Given those results, it was only a matter of time before tournament organisers opened their eyes to what they had to offer. 

William Gray, Team Manager for Renegades, said in a statement to us “when we started this whole thing, qualifying for the ESEA MDL S25 Global Final, shout out to Gratisfaction, Cali was a good time, it instantly made everything make sense to me. My existence in esports immediately was defined as travelling the world, compete against international competition and make a name for ourselves.”

When asked how it feels to be invited to an international event, he said “being invited directly to a european tournament? FeelsGoodMan. It’s like Christmas all over again.”

Chris "dexter" Nong at ESL Pro League Finals S10 (ESL)

Chris “dexter” Nong, Team Captain of Renegades, went on to state “the team and I are really excited to be joining and playing DreamHack Leipzig in Germany. It’s a first for a regional team like us to be able to have this opportunity, and we’ll be putting in above and beyond levels to achieve the best result.”

News of this announcement comes of huge importance, as the DreamHack Open Leipzig is included in the new ESL Pro Tour format. If Renegades can maintain their spot within the top ten of the ESL "Road To Cologne", they are likely to be invited to more events in the near future.

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