REKT announce the inaugural OMEN Gauntlet for Rainbow Six

Nicholas Taifalos
February 25, 2021

REKT, an independent esports and gaming entertainment group, have announced the inaugural OMEN Gauntlet for Rainbow Six: Siege, set to take place March 6.

The one day, four team event will see the very best Oceanic R6 squads go toe-to-toe in a winner-takes-all $5,000 AUD tournament, with REKT promising a ‘much more relaxed’ broadcast than most would be used to.

Out with the desk and suits and in with the couches and casual dress, the event will aim to introduce the growing esport to new viewers while also allowing Oceania’s top teams to display their skills in the single-elimination bracket.

Six Masters at MEO 2018 (Source: ESL Australia)

With the backing of major sponsors OMEN, Audio Technica and MWAVE, REKT won’t be stopping with the OMEN Gauntlet as they pursue multiple unannounced projects in the scene.

Rainbow Six: Siege, thanks to support from developer Ubisoft, has fast grown into a major esport over the last five years, with well over 100,000 active players worldwide and a fully fleshed-out esports ecosystem.

This support extends to Oceania, which has seen over $180,000 AUD in prize money won in the last 12 months, as well as investment of major international organisations into the region with the likes of Fnatic, Pittsburgh Knights, Elevate and Wildcard Gaming all hosting Australasian lineups.

The Six Invitational, Rainbow Six’s premier event, hosts the world’s best teams and a prize pool in excess of $3 million USD. 2020’s edition of the pinnacle tournament saw over 300,000 live viewers witnessing Spacestation Gaming take the win, with Oceanic lineups Fnatic (6th) and Wildcard Gaming (13th-16th) making it to the big dance.

Magnet of Fnatic at Oceanic Cup 2019 (Source: ESL Australia)

Back at home most major events are organised and hosted by Ubisoft, but support from third-party organisers like ESL and LetsPlay.Live continues to push Oceanic R6 higher, and while a majority of 2020’s biggest events were written off due to COVID-19, it’s organisers like REKT that will play an important role in ensuring growth in the region is maintained.

Teams, talent and further partnering support is yet to be announced for the March 6 event - stay tuned to REKT and Here’s The Thing for more on the OMEN Gauntlet in Rainbow Six: Siege, as well as other Oceanic esports ventures.