Red Bull announce a 2v2 Counter-Strike tournament

Nicholas Taifalos
October 24, 2020

Red Bull have partnered with ESL Australia and The Chiefs Esports Club to bring their popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive two-versus-two tournament, Red Bull Flick, to Oceanic shores in November 2020.

Developed in 2019, Red Bull Flick sees players from amateur open qualifiers through to seasoned professionals & popular influencers go head-to-head in a fast, action-packed format with plenty on the line.

“The introduction of a brand new game mode to CS:GO is an exciting challenge for the community,” explains Tom ‘apocdud’ Henry, Chiefs CS:GO player and participant for the inaugural Oceanic edition of Red Bull Flick.

“With new rules, new objectives and importantly new maps, it creates an even playing field for amateurs and pros. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing new and familiar strategies brought to the game.”

‘Hold The Flag’ is a two-versus-two format that sees duos battle to control a single point. Elimination isn’t the focus — it’s all about domination and keeping control of the centre flag to win. The first squad to hold the point for a combined 45 seconds claims the match.

The unique format called upon the creation of equally-unique battlegrounds; five maps, including Himalaya, Speedway, Castle, Garden & Matrix set the tone of the match, with all five available for download & practice on Steam.

“We’re excited to be working with Red Bull on presenting a new and innovative game mode to our Australian esports fans. Hold the Flag offers a whole new experience for CS:GO veterans and amateurs looking to level up their game and get involved,” said Josh Inman, ESL Australia’s Operations Manager.

The event was designed in 2019 and ran throughout Europe, the Americas and the CIS region with cash prizes up for grabs. With professional commentary and the participation of players of varying skill levels, Red Bull Flick proved a commercial success and a real change of pace that many watching CS:GO craved.

2019 Red Bull Flick Challenge (Source: Red Bull)

Registration for the Red Bull Flick Qualifiers opened on Wednesday, with eight separate online qualifiers set to be held between November 16-19 & 23-26. Potential contestants can get a feel for the game mode on November 10, with influencers like Chiefs’ apocdud and Brisbane Lions player Mitch Robinson showcasing the maps and format live on Red Bull’s Twitch channel

The eight qualifiers will come together on November 29 in the online grand final, with the winning duo walking away with a custom built PC valued at over $3,000 AUD and the title of Oceania’s maiden Red Bull Flick champions.

For more information & event registration, head to the official Red Bull Flick page, and keep in touch with Red Bull Flick news on Twitter @RedBullAU. The event showcase begins on Red Bull’s Twitch channel on November 10, with qualifiers starting November 16.