Queensland Esports launches with HSC at Supanova

Nicholas Taifalos
February 13, 2020

The founder of the University of Queensland Union Esports program, Tim Joyce, has today announced an expansion into state esports with the development of Queensland Esports - focused on bringing competitive gaming programs and competitions to high schools across Queensland.

The 23-year-old former UQU Esports developer is launching the new product with the Queensland Esports High School Championship Series, an event at which Queensland high school students and faculty can learn about and compete in a variety of esports, with opportunities also for those looking to develop careers outside of competing, all with collaboration and input from other industry professionals looking to help expand esports at a state level.

“I’m passionate about bringing esports to more than just South-East Queensland, I know there are so many gamers out in Cairns and Townsville that want to experience live events and get involved in more esports tournaments.” - Tim Joyce, Queensland Esports Director

The QLD Esports High School Championship Series will debut at Supanova Gold Coast on March 13-14 and while servicing the ever-growing South-East sector is important, Joyce plans for the program to be as far-reaching as possible with emphasis on widening esports opportunities across the entirety of the state, including Cairns, Townsville and Far North Queensland.

League of Legends 2019 High School Championship. Photo Credit: Riot Games

Joyce co-founded UQ’s esport program in 2018 and has since overseen the construction of the university’s esports centre as well as facilitating numerous inter-faculty leagues, but following a stint with Riot Games and the 2019 League of Legends High School Championship, he wanted to tap into secondary school involvement in the fast-growing sector. Joyce expects over 100 high schools in Queensland will have esports team representation by the end of 2020, and is aiming for Queensland Esports to become a leading figure in the Australian esports ecosystem.

“We’re living in a time where gaming is mainstream and I’m here to deliver bigger opportunities to build on the amazing growth that the Queensland grassroots scene is providing.” - Tim Joyce, Queensland Esports Director

Queensland has always been slightly behind that of its major eastern counterparts in New South Wales and Victoria for esports infrastructure and development. Global esports brand ESL opened an Australian division in 2011 which has since expanded to include office space and an events studio in Sydney as well as partnering with events distributor TEG Live to produce the Melbourne Esports Open - both greatly benefiting local talent in their states.

However, following numerous tertiary esports programs at UQ and at the Queensland University of Technology - including competing scholarships offered by the latter - QLD is aiming to close the gap and Joyce’s new program to focus on secondary schooling interest will greatly benefit the sector both at a state and at a national level.

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