PC419 officially complete their Counter-Strike roster

Ben Scott
February 11, 2020

PC419 have today announced the arrival of two new additions to their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup following the departure of Kieran “Muzoona” Jackson and Billy “BeeTee” Thompson towards the end of last month. 

With this announcement comes the announcement of Jason "DuckyPanic" Blizzard stepping down from the roster and ultimately stepping back from the game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In a statement posted by PC419, it reads that he is stepping back to focus on life outside of gaming.

PC419 Counter-Strike: 

Calvin “CK-” N comes to this roster after previously competing with Bizarre Gaming. Although CK- doesn't have much top tier competitive experience, he will be looking to make an impact with this roster throughout their season in the ESEA MDL. Chris "Magnum" Wilson and Lewis "FluentSwede" Westblade are the other two new members to the lineup - both of which will be hoping to bring their wealth of knowledge and experience with the game to the table in hopes of pushing this roster to the next level.

Josh Wilson, Team Manager for PC419, said in a statement to us “I had a fantastic chat with the guys last night and I’m incredibly excited to work with them all. They’re already showing very promising signs from the start and I can’t wait for everyone to see what this lineup can do.”

Dominic “Doom” Wilson, Team Captain and IGL for PC419 CS:GO, gave comments on the roster by stating “I'm so excited to see where this new lineup will take us. I know this is going to be the five which takes PC419 to the next level.”

“I'm especially looking forward to having Magnum and FluentSwede on board to weigh in with their vast wealth of experience and knowledge as IGLs to both strengthen me as an IGL, and the team as a whole, providing us with some strong mid-round voices to assist me with the micro-management of rounds,” continued Doom.

“CK is an amazing pickup due to his incredible aim and dedication towards the game and I'm so glad to have him under the PC419 banner.”

“Last but not least, I'm so glad Wolfy has stayed under our banner. He has such a keen mind and sharp instinct that I couldn't imagine losing him as a teammate, and he has really come into his own regarding putting input towards the team. I'm so proud of him as a person for the work he's put into himself, it just shows how dedicated he truly is,” concluded Doom. 

PC419 will be kicking off their debut with the full lineup on Wednesday, as they take on Team Esper in the ESEA MDL S32 Australian circuit. 

If you wish to stay connected with the progress of this roster, be sure to follow the organisation on Twitter.