Paradox Gaming sign a development Rainbow Six roster

Ben Scott
December 12, 2019

Today Paradox Gaming have announced their return to Rainbow Six: Siege by acquiring a development roster for next year.

Announced Roster:

Director of Paradox Gaming, Chris Hillman, said in a statement to us “we are extremely excited with the signing of the team and believe each member has great potential. Our initial goal is to continue growing the team and eventually make it into the top ten in Oceania. We look forward to working with everyone.” 

Paradox last competed in Rainbow Six: Siege during the last season of the LPL Challenger League, where their team went on to be crowned as champions. 

When speaking with a spokesperson for Paradox Gaming, they mentioned that their approach next year is to develop a team that can climb the ladders - with an overall goal of securing a place in the top ten teams within Australasia. 

We spoke to the captain of the new roster, Bryce “Elementz” Berze, who went on to state “I just want to give a shout out to Paradox for picking us up. We are looking forward to growing as a team, with the organisation, and playing competitively in the near future.”

Elementz, Prodigy and Tvcx all previously competed under the Overt Gaming brand - with the other three filling the roster as talented under eighteen players from within the scene. 

Although no leagues are currently active until the next year, the team has mentioned that they plan to qualify for all leagues that are available to them and it seems they will likely be a regular attendee of the ESL GO4 competitions held throughout the year.

If you wish to stay connected with the progress of this team, be sure to follow Paradox Gaming on Twitter.