Pan1k and Zemp depart Ground Zero CS:GO

Ben Scott
October 14, 2019

Last night it was announced via social media that both Tyson “pan1k” Missak and Peter “zemp” Renouf have officially stepped down from Ground Zero’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. Zemp has been a part of the roster since January this year, with pan1k only joining the roster in May.

In a statement posted online by Tyson “pan1k” Missak, he said “like zemp, I’ll be stepping down from Ground Zero. Recent results have been sub-par and it’s best for myself and the team if we split. I genuinely wish the guys all the best in what they choose to do from here.”

Although pan1k has also mentioned he will be looking to join another team, primarily as an AWP player, zemp has stated that he will be standing down from Counter-Strike for the time being, as he looks to finish his schooling. 

“It wasn’t fair on the team with the lack of work I was putting into the game due to school and other personal reasons. After school I’ll be weighing up my options on whether to continue playing Counter-Strike, but for now it’s time to focus on school,” said zemp in a statement online.

zemp concluded by stating “I wish the team the best of luck. I’ve learnt a lot this year from the boys both in and out of the game.”

Above: Tyson "pan1k" Missak at AEM Season 3 (source)

Ground Zero is yet to publicly make a statement on the departure of the players and the future of the remaining players, but in a statement given to us by Matthew Woolley, General Manager of Ground Zero, he stated “zemp has departed from the roster to focus on his studies leading up to his final year, after a successful run over the year. Pan1k has chosen to pursue other opportunities within the scene, hoping to take on a different role within a team. We wish them both luck moving forward.”

“The core three players will use this time to focus on rebuilding a new roster ahead of the next competitive season,” concluded Matthew, 

Although the future of Ground Zero’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster is unclear, it will be interesting to see whom they fill the roster with, as they are still actively competing in the Mountain Dew League until the middle of December. Currently Hayden “burk” Burkill and Chase “xtinct” Dickson are the only other active members in the team’s Mountain Dew League roster that could potentially fill the void of the two missing players. 

Ground Zero’s roster now stands as:

You can stay connected with any future roster updates from Ground Zero via their Twitter.