ORDER overcome The Chiefs for MDL Season 32

Ben Scott
November 9, 2019

Despite The Chiefs Esports Club having a one map advantage coming into the ESEA Mountain Dew League Season 32 Finals, ORDER have prevailed and walk away as champions of the Australasian region; booking themselves a trip to the Global Challenge. 

This result will come as a surprise to many, as ORDER were recently picked apart by The Chiefs Esports Club in the upper bracket semi-final, where ORDER were only able to secure a total of four rounds between two maps against a dominant Chiefs side; sending themselves to the lower bracket. Nonetheless, ORDER have overcome their disappointing results from Wednesday and have been crowned as champions after an impressive lower bracket run. 

Having dropped to the lower bracket after that upper bracket semi-final match, ORDER secured their first lower bracket round by default, as Grayhound Gaming were unable to compete during the playoffs and were forced to forfeit. ORDER then went on to face PC419 in the lower bracket final, where they made quick work of PC419 on map one with a 16-7 win on Dust 2. Although when it came to ORDER’s map pick of Inferno, PC419 came out of the gates swinging; racking up thirteen rounds before ORDER closed the map out 16-13.

Lower Bracket Final (2-0)

  • Dust2 - 16:7 (ORDER)
  • Inferno - 16:13 (ORDER)

With their win in the lower bracket final, ORDER had then booked themselves a spot in the consolidation final against Genuine Gaming. Genuine Gaming proved to be a formidable opponent for ORDER, as they went toe to toe on each map. Although no overtime was forced and ORDER walked away with a clean sweep of the series; ultimately securing their spot in the grand final against The Chiefs Esports Club.

Consolidation Final (2-0)

  • Train - 16:12 (ORDER)
  • Vertigo - 16:10 (ORDER)

With the grand final now in their eyes, ORDER were faced with having to overcome their abysmal result that they received when they last faced The Chiefs Esports Club. But nonetheless, they came into the match swinging, securing the first map of Nuke in a strong 16-8 scoreline. With that being The Chiefs’ map pick, ORDER had set themselves up for a strong start to the series.

Map two was an even more dominant series by ORDER, as they plowed through The Chiefs on Inferno, only giving them four rounds in the first half. With that being said, the second half was no different, as ORDER went on to secure the map 16-5. Inferno saw a standout performance for the latest addition to the roster, USTILO, wrapping up the map with a 1.68 rating. 

With the grand final being a best of five, viewers were treated to yet another map. Although this time it was a back and forth brawl for the first half of Dust 2, given the 8-7 scoreline in The Chiefs’ favour. ORDER then went on to secure their fourteenth round before The Chiefs could even reach double digits, but that was not stopping The Chiefs; who then went on to push into overtime and secure the map 17:19. 

Mirage was set to be the decider of the series, with the winner securing their place at the Global Finals. Showing similar signs from the last map, it went on to be a constant back and forth map with rounds going either way until finally it ended in regulation time, 16-11, with ORDER crowned as champions of the Season 32 Mountain Dew League for Australasia; ultimately laying claim to their spot at the Global Challenge.

Grand Final (3-2)

  • Default Win - 1:0 (Chiefs)
  • Nuke - 16:8 (ORDER)
  • Inferno - 16:5 (ORDER)
  • Dust 2 - 17:19 (Chiefs)
  • Mirage - 16:11 (ORDER)

Details for the Global Challenge are yet to be released to the public, but with all of the regional finals coming to a close shortly, we will expect to see announcements go out via their website soon. 

You can stay connected with ORDER and their progress at the Global Challenge by following them on Twitter.