Oddity Esports Co-Founder Topix Abruptly Departs Organisation Part 3

Here's The Thing
April 14, 2020

Further allegations have emerged towards Jared “Topix” Fell as many of his alleged victims speak out about their experiences with the former Oddity Co-Founder.

One of the most troubling accusations comes from streamer “SmolCosmic”, who posted a lengthy TwitLonger accompanied by Discord screenshots of discussions with Fell during November 2018. 

SmolCosmic was talking with Fell about joining Oddity Esports as a streamer, with her TwitLonger detailing how originally he seemed nice enough – and talked about things such as social media statistics. A voice call with Oddity staff followed, which according to SmolCosmic went well, a key detail being she was told to dress professionally and not provocatively on stream.

However, this is where the cordiality supposedly ends, as Topix began messaging SmolCosmic various suggestions about her stream, mainly focusing on what she wore. On a particular occasion he recommended tight jeans or leggings while SmolCosmic was moving around furniture. Later, he allegedly reached out to a friend of SmolCosmic’s who had originally introduced the two of them, with Fell asking him what she would change about SmolCosmic’s stream presence. 

Source: SmolCosmic

Fell would also allegedly ask SmolCosmic to change her outfits on camera, while Fell “wasn’t looking”. She quickly became uncomfortable with this, despite Fell’s efforts to try and convince her to continue, telling her about other girls who had done the same (and then asking her not to tell those same girls). SmolCosmic subsequently emailed another member of Oddity staff stating that she no longer wished to join the org. Fell then messaged her asking why she wasn’t joining “as if nothing had ever happened.”

Here’s The Thing reached out to SmolCosmic following her allegations and talked to her yesterday. She elaborated further on her interactions with Fell, stating he was often manipulative in his interactions with her and other women, and he would often boast how other girls trusted him. Despite all of these interactions, Fell is supposedly married, and during a call with SmolCosmic asked her to wait because his wife had entered the room. 

On another occasion, Fell asked to call SmolCosmic and discuss how the stream went. Upon not being able to video call, he then called her directly and asked her to showcase some of her stream outfits for him. SmolCosmic says she thought it was fine because she doesn’t wear revealing clothes, until he started saying she could change on camera because he wasn’t looking. 

Fell allegedly told her to wear things like g-strings or no underwear, which was when SmolCosmic stopped changing for him. However, during this period when SmolCosmic was starting to get hesitant about changing on camera, Fell allegedly told her he did the same thing with other streamers and they were thriving. 

Following all of this, SmolCosmic ended her contact with Fell and emailed Oddity to say she was no longer joining, and she has not heard from Fell since. 

Here’s The Thing has reached out to Fell for comment, but he did not respond at the time of publishing.

Public Screenshots: click here.

This is part of an ongoing investigation, and we will update this article with any new information that becomes available.

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