META High School Esports partner with Riot Games

Ben Scott
February 4, 2021

META High School Esports has today announced their partnership with Riot Games to exclusively provide esports tournaments for high schools and universities across Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re unfamiliar with META High School Esports, they have been an instrumental part to the development of grass roots through the education system for the past few years - primarily working with Riot Games titles. META was established by the Adelaide Football Club back in 2018 and has since gone on the secure support from the likes of Optus and Torrens University of Australia.

META High School Esports has seen the support of a variety of familiar faces from the local esports industry such as Nigel Smart, Michael Carmody, Brad Manuel and Woody Wu

META HSE at MEO 2019 (Credit: ESL Australia)

October of last year saw the closure of the Riot Games offices in Sydney and the eventual dissolvement of the OPL, Australia’s leading League of Legends tournament, due to challenges that impacted sustainability of the league. Despite the tough news, Riot Games pledged to continue supporting pro players and their careers in Oceania moving forward. 

With that being said, META has gained the rights to run League of Legends, VALORANT, Team Fight Tactics and League of Runeterra events across the Oceanic region for high schools and universities. 

In a statement provided by META they have gone on to state that the partnership consists of operating and broadcasting a tournament series for students within their school environments and provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves and develop in both local and national leagues. 

Schools will battle it out throughout a season, with an eventual champion being crowned at the end. 

For more information about this exciting news, be sure to visit and follow META via their Twitter account for updates.