MC Esports signs former Rewound roster

Ben Scott
October 9, 2019

MC Esports announced today that they have signed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster to their ranks, formerly known as Rewound. We’ve been notified that the roster has been working with MC Esports for two months now, but from today they will officially be competing under the MC banner.

Active Roster:

In a statement given to Here’s The Thing by Jaime Lea Bodecker, Owner of MC Esports, explained the acquisition. “Individually, these players could not be more perfect for MC. We’ve been lucky enough to find a team that not only shares the same values, but are just as dedicated to the long term goal,” said Jamie.

“We have been working with the team over the last two months to assist in building a solid foundation for the future. As a team, we are ready to make whatever sacrifices we need to be able to reach those goals together,” Jamie continued. 

Jamie also explained the advantages of where this roster is located. “We have a huge advantage in that fact these players, as well as our organisation, are based in Sydney. Boot camps and content days will be a regular with this team and by having that, it gives us an opportunity to build strong relationships with each other, which is extremely important.”

“We hope to be able to showcase the dedication, talent, and personality that this line-up can bring to the community. I think the interaction from the team and the community will be something that hasn’t been seen in a very long time within Australasian CS. Hard work always pays off,” Jamie concluded. 

Andrè “Barbarr” Möller, temporary Coach for MC Esports, stated “I’ve been working with these guys for a month now and have been able to see them evolve every day. They are a really ambitious group who really put in every free hour they have. Hell, Moey even sits on his lunch break at work to do theory, it’s dedication to the max. Hopefully my knowledge has helped them thus far.”

Andrè was previously the coach for Team Ancient from April 2018 to August 2019 and currently coaches European based roster, ex-Epsilon Esports. He has been involved in Counter-Strike for thirteen years now, with his more notable team as a player being Team Epsilon from September 2016 to January 2018. 

Above: Alec "Noisia" Gulabovski at ESL AUNZ Champs (source)

Noisia, player for MC Esports, talked on the team signing to MC Esports by stating “We’ve been working really hard as a unit and I know that being partnered with MC will only continue to push us further to achieve our goals. It’s exciting for me personally to represent a home grown organisation; you really do get a deeper sense of purpose every time you play the game.”

“Overall, I’m eager to continue growing as a team and elevate MC Esports to new heights,” concluded Noisia. 

MC Esports is currently competing in the Mountain Dew League up until the middle of December, however they are not set to compete in the up-coming season of ESL Pro League. You can stay connected with the teams results via Twitter.