Mammoth announce new ownership of the brand

Alex Leckie-Zaharic
January 30, 2020

Mammoth had a massive first full year in the OPL. First they recruited an all-star team and then that team took out the Split 2 title and gave Oceania a reason to be proud when they almost made it out of their group at Worlds Play-Ins 2019. But coming into 2020, changes are taking place behind the scenes that will help reshape Mammoth heading into the first week of the OPL. 

The organisation have today announced the addition of Emprox owner Shivneel Chaudhary as a substantial shareholder in the Mammoth team. With a wealth of experience gained from years in the League of Legends scene, he is an excellent fit for a Mammoth rebuilding after their 2019 success.

Chaudhary said on his addition , “I was really ecstatic when I was presented by the opportunity to become part of the OPL. Everyone I have worked with previously will be aware that this is something that I have been chasing for the last 3-4 years. A major thanks to Dion Appel and founding Mammoth shareholders for allowing me the opportunity”. 

Testament to the ‘right-fit’ amongst the new owners group was the support the founding Mammoth shareholders demonstrated in my direction for the 2020 OPL season and years to come. We were aligned from the start and I look forward to my time with Mammoth,” concluded Chaudhary.

Mammoth League of Legends at OPL S2 2019 (Riot)

Alongside the arrival of Chaudhary, 2020 marks the departure of long-time managing agency for the Mammoth organisation, Roam Esports. This also means that we see the departure of manager Ahilleas Papantos from the organisation, someone who has been around the side for a long time.

He said on his departure “Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to Dion Appel and to the rest of the

Mammoth owners for the incredible opportunity to work with Mammoth over the course of the last two years. We had our share of competitive ups and downs, but I’m proud that we were able to finish our journey together at the top of Oceanic League of Legends esports as we set out to do.I now leave Mammoth in capable hands and I look forward to supporting the organisation as a fan.Tusks up!

On the team front, Mammoth have signed five rookies with the goal of growing the roster from the ground up. They’re also moving the team’s gaming house from Melbourne to Sydney, which now leaves Order as the only team that can call Melbourne their hometown. Their new team, sourced from the Oceanic Challenger Series, is as follows.

  • Samuel “Kewku” Eyeson-Annan
  • Sebastian “Bas” Daly
  • Tristan “Lived” Fulcher
  • Gian “Styled” Leon
  • Cameron “Nausicaa” Maine

According to Appel, “The roster came together really well. The 2020 vision composes of us developing local talent from the Oceanic Challenger Series scene. This has been something that has been done previously by other OPL teams and we are hopeful that we would be able to create some superstars by the end of the 2020 year.

Mammoth have had as close to a full refresh as they’ll get, and with their new players and new management they’ll be looking to make a statement come their return to the OPL this weekend.