Mako places third at Legion of Valkyries in Malaysia

Ben Scott
December 18, 2019

Over the weekend we saw Mako’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster, formerly known as Justice Esports, compete in the Legion of Valkyrie competition over in Malaysia - the team’s first offline event outside of Australasia. 

Active Roster: 

Mako had qualified for the event through an online qualifier hosted in Australia, besting some of the regions top female teams; although there was an absence of Carnage Esports. Having qualified for the event, Mako had booked themselves a trip to Malaysia where they would compete for a total prize pool of $10,000 USD. 

Coming into their first match of the competition, Mako was up against an Indian side called Ge-Rayne. Dust 2 was set to be the first map of the series and it seemed that it was a constant back and forth map up until the last few rounds. End game was looking promising for Mako, as Quix0ticz managed to secure an ace through mid doors on the CT side to gain a thirteenth round for the team. 

Despite the ace, Mako went on to lose four rounds consecutively and ultimately dropped the first map of the series 13:16. Nonetheless, it wasn’t over for the team just yet, as they still had the opportunity to turn the series around in the second map. 

Inferno was scheduled to be the second map of the series, which saw Mako come from behind and push into overtime - thanks to massive plays late in the game from Noogz, who edged out a 2v4 by taking down four players on her own in the twenty third round. It seemed that Ge-Rayne had more gas in the tank, as they went on to close out the series in overtime with a 17:19 scoreline. 

Mako vs Ge-Rayne (Semi-Final)

  • Dust 2 - 13:16 (Ge-Rayne)
  • Inferno - 17:19 (Ge-Rayne)

Day two for Mako was set to be a match for third place against “49000” from Hong Kong. It seemed that Mako was confident to replicate the previous days map picks, as Inferno and Dust 2 were set to be the first two maps of the series. 

Inferno saw Mako take advantage of the series very early, which was a more promising result compared to yesterday's match against Ge-Rayne. Their dominance on Inferno wasn’t slowing down, as Mako went on to secure the first map 16:7 and pushed to a 1:0 lead in the series. 

Dust 2 wasn’t as easy for the team, as the first few rounds were very back and forth with counter-ecos, but thanks to a 2v3 retake from s0ybeancake and Quix0ticz, the team edged out an early game lead and followed that through to the second half. 

Despite “49000” reaching double digits, Mako closed the series out with a 16:11 victory on Dust 2 and ultimately secured third place in the competition.

Mako vs 49000 (Third Place)

  • Inferno - 16:7 (Mako)
  • Dust 2 - 16:11 (Mako)

Noogz, player for Mako, took to Twitter to thank the tournament hosts and address the Australasian region by stating “thank you so much for the experience you have given us, it will be one to remember. Hopefully we have done Australasia proud and we will definitely continue to improve.” 

Mako's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team at Legion of Valkyries

Thanks to the team's third place finish at the Legion of Valkyries event, they walk away with $2,000 USD in prize money; whilst also bagging $1,000 USD from the online qualifier. 

If you wish to stay connected with the team, be sure to follow Mako on Twitter.