LPL partner with Riot Games to host 2021 VALORANT Oceania Tour

Nicholas Taifalos
January 29, 2021

In a sigh of relief for the Oceanic VALORANT scene, LetsPlay.Live (LPL) will partner with Riot Games to host the 2021 VALORANT Oceania Tour – OCE’s pathway to a shot at representation at the VALORANT Champions finals.

To kick off the year by partnering with Riot Games and providing official VALORANT pathways to Oceania is phenomenal,” said LPL Managing Director and Founder Duane Matu. “LPL are excited to be offering an international avenue for our region’s players in 2021, and to be showcasing teams through broadcast for VALORANT fans worldwide.

The welcome news comes weeks after Riot’s initial announcement introducing the structure for the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, that at the time all but omitted Oceania and stated the region would ‘have qualification paths through North American events’.

The VALORANT Oceania Tour will feature three regional events, with points accumulated for each qualified team. The top eight teams on points will qualify for the Oceanic Championship, with the top two making it to the OCE + NA Last Chance Qualifier for a chance at making it to the big dance—the VALORANT Champions Finals—set for December.

As well as the VALORANT Champions qualification path, Riot and LPL will offer prize pools for each of the three regional Challengers events ($10,000 AUD) and a larger prize pool for the Oceanic Championship ($20,000 AUD).

The first regional event—set to begin February 10—will feature three phases; two Challenger stages and a Final. The Challenger stage begins with an open qualifier, with LPL community caster support to help cover matches.

The top eight from the open qualifiers progress to the single-elimination best-of-three closed qualifier bracket, where the best four go straight to the Final. The bottom four will progress to the second Challenger stage’s closed qualifier, to be joined by the top four of the second open qualifier.

After the second Challenger stage, the eight qualified teams will battle it out for the lion’s share of the prize pool and Oceanic Tour points. At the conclusion of the third regional event’s finals, the top eight teams with the most Oceanic Tour points will progress to the Oceanic Championship and a chance at progressing internationally at the OCE + NA Last Chance Qualifier.

Riot Games’ Director of Esports, Chris Greenley, said this on the esports’ outlook for this year: “2021 promises to be a groundbreaking year for VALORANT esports, and we’re tremendously excited to kick off global play. We know that VALORANT has been supported by Oceania players since [the early beta] and we are thrilled to be offering pathways for the region. By partnering with LetsPlay.Live, we will continue our efforts to grow VALORANT into the next great, multi-generational esport.”

Registration will be open shortly for the open qualifiers for Regional Stage 1 – more information on registration, eligibility and more can be found on LPL’s official site

2021 VALORANT Oceania Tour - Key Dates

February 10-14 - Regional Stage 1 Open Qualifier 1: Top 8 to Closed Qualifier 1

February 18-21 - Regional Stage 1 Closed Qualifier 1: Top 4 to Regional Stage Finals, bottom 4 to Closed Qualifier 2

February 24-28 - Regional Stage 1 Open Qualifier 2: Top 4 to Closed Qualifier

March 4-7 - Regional Stage 1 Closed Qualifier 2: Top 4 to Regional Stage Finals

March 18-21 - Regional Stage 1 Finals

Late April-early June - Regional Stage 2

Late June-mid August - Regional Stage 3

Mid September - Oceanic Championship

Mid October - OCE + NA Last Chance Qualifier