LetsPlay.Live, V Energy and MediaWorks announce V Energy Game Changer

Ben Scott
November 25, 2020

The V Energy Game Changer was announced last week, a gaming show that sees LetsPlay.Live partner up with V Energy and MediaWorks to bring ‘a new type of gaming show’ to a Kiwi audience.

Mai FM, The Rock and George FM have been set a challenge to create a gaming team of their own for an amatuer style tournament – each station will select a radio host to captain a team including a musician, gaming influencer, sports star and fan to compete. An announcement for a ‘Mystery Team’ will follow closer to the Grand Final. 

Duane Mutu, Founder and Managing Director of LetsPlay.Live spoke about combining traditional entertainment with esports, and his excitement of presenting this product to their audience in New Zealand. 

“Blending the worlds of traditional and digital entertainment is becoming the new way to consume media. LPL and I are thrilled to be partnering with MediaWorks and V Energy to see this new global initiative come to life here in New Zealand through the power of gaming.” - Duane Mutu, Founder and Managing Director of LetsPlay.Live

Stage one of the tournament is set to kick off on November 27th from 6PM NZT live from the LPL Studios in Auckland, New Zealand. Stage two of the competition is set to be a live event streamed live from SkyCity Theatre on December 3rd at 6PM NZT – you can catch the broadcast online at twitch.tv/letsplaylive.

The format for the tournament will be round-robin, with the game title changing after each round. All teams will be competing for points towards the knock-out final event in early December. Each fan player will walk away with $1,000 NZD just for making it on the team and will be fighting for extra cash depending on where their team places at the end. 

Nickson Clarke, Mai FM Radio Presenter and Captain of their V Energy Game Changer team, spoke about his ambitions to own an esports team and his excitement at the opportunity to work with LetsPlay.Live on this product. 

“It’s always been my dream to ‘own’ an esports team and V Energy has given me the chance to create one and be part of something awesome. I’m excited to work with LetsPlay.Live, as they really see the future of gaming in New Zealand and this promotion is going to give it even more attention.” - Nickson Clarke, Mai FM Radio Presenter

George FM recently announced Kings as the musician set to play for their team in the competition. He had some words to say about the event ahead. 

“Stoked to be involved in the V Energy Game Changer with the bro General Lee. We always jam when we are on tour together, so it’ll be a nice change to be on his team instead of versing each other.” - Kings, New Zealand based musician. 

If you’re interested in competing as one of the fan players, you can visit each radio station’s respective website for more information: