Legacy Esports complete their 2020 OPL roster

Ben Scott
January 20, 2020

Legacy Esports last night officially finalised their 2020 Oceanic Pro League roster with the signing of two Korean imports to their lineup - Kim “Topoon” Ji-hoon as their Top Laner and Minsu “Emenes” Jang as their Middle Laner. 

Tim “Carbon” Wendel, Head of Esports at Legacy, said in a statement to us “I’m excited for this year of the Oceanic Pro League - reuniting with an old friend, but also helping begin the careers of two rookies (Isles and Emenes) should make for a memorable year.”

“Hopefully this is the year we take an OPL title,” concluded Carbon.

News of this announcement follows an overwhelming amount of hype shown by the League of Legends community here in Australasia after the announcement of Quin “Raes” Korebits and Leo “Babip” Romer, two superstar Oceanic Pro League players, joining the Legacy Esports lineup for this year. 

Legacy Esports 2020 Roster:

Raes and Babip once again reunite after parting ways when Babip left The Chiefs Esports Club last year for an opportunity to play with Mammoth Esports - who then went on to attend the 2019 World Championship. Both players are a masterclass in their respective roles and can be extremely explosive on the rift, so there is no doubt that all eyes will be on them.

Babip (right) raising 2019 OPL Trophy at MEO (Riot)

Isles is an Australian based Support who has been granted the opportunity to debut in the Oceanic Pro League under the Legacy Esports banner. He most recently competed with Mammoth Esports Academy in the Oceanic Challenger Series; finishing first in the regular season and losing to Dire Wolves Academy in the grand final last year. It’s been said that there has been a lot of hype around the prospect of acquiring Isles for an Oceanic Pro League team during the off season. 

Topoon is no stranger to the Oceanic Pro League, as he competed on the Mammoth Esports roster last year as their starting Top Laner during split one and was a part of the rotating Top Lane setup during split two - also competing at the 2019 World Championship alongside Babip. Although he didn’t see much game time during split two, he now has the opportunity to step up to the plate and compete alongside an extremely explosive roster.

Little is known about Emenes, other than that he is a Korean import - which has been found to have been both a success and a failure in the history books of the Oceanic Pro League. From talking to sources within the Legacy Esports team, they have stated that he is a 800LP Korean Challenger player that was recommended by Topoon and that this will be his first competitive year. 

Jensen Goh (back right) with Splyce at Worlds (lolesports)

Complementing this highly anticipated roster is former Coach of Splyce, Jensen Goh, as the team's Head Coach. Accompanying Jensen is last seasons Head Coach for Legacy Esports, James Goddard, who will be taking on the role of Assistant Coach for this season.

James “Denian” Goddard, Assistant Coach for Legacy, commented on the acquisition of their new roster and his return by saying “of course it is exciting to be back with Legacy, especially with such a talented roster. For my involvement, I think Legacy was impressed by my personal growth and we both saw this as an opportunity to allow me to grow alongside an international coach.”

“Hopefully I can prove my worth again and maintain Legacy’s faith in my continued improvements,” finished Denian. 

If you want to follow the progress of the Legacy Esports roster, be sure to connect with the organisation on Twitter.