Jonathan Jansen appointed as NZESF Chief Executive

Ben Scott
November 9, 2021

The New Zealand Esports Federation announced the appointment of its first Chief Executive Officer on Thursday 4 November, a move that sees Jonathan Jansen step into the role with hopes of bringing a combination of strategic, operational and creative flair to the federation. 

Jansen, otherwise known online as Arkadian, is a life-long gamer who first competed in professional play during the inception of the Oceanic pro scene for League of Legends. Jansen has been an active supporter and advocate for esports in New Zealand since his involvement in his first premiere event, NZGC. 

In a statement released by the federation, Jansen goes on to state “I’ve always been a firm believer that esports can be a powerful channel for positive outcomes for Kiwis. I’m really looking forward to helping build an ecosystem here in New Zealand so we can all participate, celebrate, and enjoy epic Kiwi esports moments.”

The New Zealand Esports Federation was recognised as a National Sports Organisation for esports by Sport New Zealand in 2020. According to the federation, they are now financially independent and in a position to commit to the hiring of a full-time Chief Executive and staff.

Jansen’s role will consist of carrying out a new strategic plan for the NZESF with major emphasis being placed on building participation at the grassroots level, strengthening competitive pathways and developing benefits and educational resources for players from all backgrounds. 

John McRae, NZESF President, spoke to Jansen’s character and the federation’s commitment to New Zealand Esports in their written statement. 

“Jonathan is a well-respected member of the gaming community and is an ideal candidate that reflects the emerging professionalism in New Zealand’s latest sport whilst still holding gaming culture central to his identity,” said McRae.

“The long hours and unwavering commitment of the executive committee has laid solid foundations for the next generation of the esports leaders to achieve our target of being a tier one New Zealand sport. With a new CEO, new resources, and a new strategic plan, the Federation is in good stead and good hands.” –  John Mcrae, NZESF President.

Closing their statement, NZESF mentioned recent developments of a number of new subcommittees to ensure all voices are represented in esports.


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