James Cowan and Emma Kuldemir join HTT Ownership Group

Ben Scott
September 14, 2021

September 2021 marks two years since the launch of Here’s The Thing, a company that was launched on the foundations of telling the stories that need to be told, by producing hard-hitting and straight-shooting content for the Australasian esports industry.

With that in mind, Here’s The Thing are excited to take the next step in their journey. They are pleased to announce that James Cowan and Emma Kuldemir of Esports Media House have officially joined the ownership team at HTT. 

Ben Scott, Founder and CEO of Here’s The Thing, stated “the end of last year and throughout 2021 has been quiet for all of us here at Here’s The Thing, as the majority of us have transitioned into full-time roles with our respective jobs, or moved onto new horizons.”

“With that being said, James had approached me with a unique opportunity to get the ball rolling again alongside Emma and Esports Media House. I’m extremely excited to find my passion in esports again whilst working alongside a couple greats of our industry,” finished Ben.

Newly appointed Director of Here’s The Thing, James Cowan, went on to state “HTT has always been a pivotal piece of the Oceanic esports industry. The ownership group has always been committed and driven to providing quality content to captivate their audiences.” 

“I’m excited to join the group alongside Emma and I can assure you that we haven’t wasted any time in making that push to take coverage to the next level,” finished James.

Emma Kuldemir added to that sentiment by stating “I’m excited to be a part of the ownership group alongside the other bright and talented minds of HTT. We recognize that reliable news coverage is important to continue to grow the esports industry.” 

“HTT has sat at the forefront of championing that growth, I look forward to being part of the group's future success,” concluded Emma.

Moving forward, Here’s The Thing aims to continue to produce the same hard-hitting and straight-shooting content as produced in the past – now with some extra firepower.


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