Interview with Chippys ahead of the 2019 All Star Event

Ben Scott
November 30, 2019

As talked about yesterday, Ryan “Chippys” Short has been voted into the 2019 League of Legends All-Star Event alongside Jackson “Pabu” Pavone. Both players will represent Australasia in Las Vegas on December 5th, alongside some of the worlds biggest personalities and players within the League of Legends title. 

Riot Games hosts the event once a year, where some of the most popular League of Legends players from each region come together to compete in competitive tournaments, charity events, and other unique game modes over the course of three days.

Chippys is a veteran top laner of the Oceanic Pro League, having represented the region overseas on multiple occasions alongside the legendary Dire Wolves lineup. Following the fall of the Dire Wolves dynasty, Chippys moved on to a promising Mammoth Esports lineup, where unfortunately the team wasn’t able to mend together very well and fell short of expectations. Chippys then went on to join Avant Gaming for the 2019 OPL Season; placing fourth in split one and just falling short of the gauntlet in split two.

Currently Chippys is in free agency, but he’ll be looking to make some impact on the international stage come December 5th.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Chippys this past week to discuss how he feels to have been voted in, what he is looking forward to most at the event and his overall thoughts on the event as a whole. 

Originally Chippys was vote count placed him at third place for the 2019 All-Star Event, which meant he just missed out, but seeing as k1ng was unable to attend due to personal commitments; Chippys gets the opportunity. I kicked off our interview by asking Chippys how it felt to be voted in and his overall thoughts on getting the opportunity. “I actually voted for k1ng myself, and was looking forward to him going since I know he has always wanted to go,” started Chippys.

“But of course it was a nice surprise to find out I was going. The fact that I was in the top three most voted players meant a lot to me, especially after the rough year my team just had. It showed me that I have people that still want to watch me play through the good and the bad times of my career,” finished Chippys. 

Chippys went on to talk about his approach to the event by stating “seeing All-Stars is a more fun event, I’m mainly just going to focus on putting on a good show for the viewers and the Oceanic fans watching.”

“But I think naturally, I’ll still try to win any game I’m in, because it’s just my nature,” said Chippys.

Above: Ryan "Chippys" Short during OPL 2019 (Credit: Jyles Lulham / Avant Gaming)

Similar to the response Pabu gave, Chippys talked about his preparation for the 2019 All-Star Event by saying “I’ll do a small amount of planning, but the point of the event is for the viewers to see their favourite pros perform in fun game modes; so I don’t want to go in super try-hard.”

“However, I will still try to win whatever I’m playing in, haha.”

On the topic of fun game modes, I asked Chippys what event he would be looking forward to the most. “I think that playing in mixed teams of professionals from other regions sounds like a good time, so that,” said Chippys.

When asked who he looks forward to playing the most, he funnily enough gave the same response as Pabu. Given that the two are both top laners, he went on to state “TheShy, for sure.”

For context, TheShy is a superstar South Korean top laner competing for Invictus Gaming in the LPL. He was one of the players on Invictus Gaming that won the 2018 World Championship; whilst also being crowned champion of the LPL Regional Finals this year and then placing tied for third at this years World Championship - just to name a few achievements. 

Closing out our chat, Chippys went to talk about the player he hopes to play alongside or against throughout the event, stating “playing with Faker would be a surreal experience, seeing as he’s the best player of all time.”

Above: Ryan "Chippys" Short during OPL 2019 (Credit: Jyles Lulham / Avant Gaming)

Chippys will be flying out to Las Vegas soon, where we will be able to see him compete on December 5th in the 2019 All-Star Event. Given that this is a huge opportunity for players to showcase their talent, whilst also building their personal brand, all eyes will be on Chippys to perform well.

If you wish to stay connected with Chippys, be sure to follow him on Twitter.