Insight of FURY PUBG talks about PGC 2021

Ben Scott
November 15, 2021

Kicking off on Friday 19 November is the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), a competition that will see PUBG teams from across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania battle it out for a set prize pool for $2,000,000 USD.

Representing Oceania at the competition is Australian-based organisation, FURY. FURY has been one of the regions most dominant organisations in PUBG since acquiring the three core members of Incognito (Insight, Ronan and Ykikamucow) back in February of last year. Following their acquisition of the Incognito members, FURY went on to acquire Fludd in September of last year. 

During their tenure at FURY, the team has gone on to win AOC Masters 2021, ANZ Premier League Season 1, both Series 4 and 5 of the PUBG Continental Series Qualifier, and they’ve also placed highly in a wide variety of competitions in the past year. 

Pictured: Fludd, Insight, Ykikamucow, Ronan and Ssuspekt (left to right)

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Jesse “Insight” Spencer, a member of the FURY PUBG team, ahead of the competition to gain some insight (pun not intended) into how the team is feeling coming into the competition, their goals for the event and who they’re particularly going to be looking out for. 

To start things off, Insight was asked what it’s like being able to compete overseas once again after what feels like an eternity since we’ve seen an Oceanic PUBG team on the global stage.

“It feels amazing to be back competing overseas as we are really keen to see how we can match up on the global stage again. Even though the visa and quarantine process has been a bit stressful, we are finally done with that and are just ready to compete,” said Insight.

PUBG Global Championship is the first offline event for FURY PUBG since joining the organisation early last year, and of course COVD-19 is a strong factor behind that.

Whilst the overall goal is to obviously win the PUBG Global Championship, Insight was asked what goals the team has for the event ahead of them.

“I think it's tricky to have strict goals in mind. It's a month-long tournament and PUBG can be frustrating at times if things aren't going your way.” 

“Personally, I just want my team to play confidently and decisively the whole way through the event and not have any regrets. I think if we play like that, the results will come easily,” finished Insight.

On the topic of the competition itself, Insight was asked what teams both himself and the team will be particularly looking out for when on the server.

“I think we will be looking out for the Chinese teams. In particular, New Happy is team who has been looting the same location (Los Leones) as us and has shown to be a super strong team. I think we will be fighting them a lot during PGC,” said Insight.

FURY won’t be the only players from Australia and New Zealand at the event. We will also be expecting to see Luke “luke12” Newey of TSM, James “TGLTN” Giezen of Soniqs and Nico “Nicoos” Galankis of Spacestation Gaming – who are all currently based in North America. 

Closing out our chat, Insight had some words for those watching from home. 

“The support from those back home is always so amazing and we are forever grateful for everyone supporting us. I hope we can make you guys proud,” concluded Insight. 

You can keep up with the event’s results from 19 November via here.


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