Jesse "Insight" Spencer of FURY on PCS 2: Asia Pacific

Ben Scott
September 18, 2020

This past weekend saw Australian owned esports organisation, FURY, take out second place in the PUBG Continental Series 2: Asia Pacific competition against Asia Pacific’s greatest teams and narrowly missing out on first place by a one point margin. 

We had the opportunity to hear from the team’s Captain and veteran of the Australian PUBG community, Jesse “Insight” Spencer, who reflected on the teams performance in the competition and what the future looks like for the team moving forward in the title. 

Insight spoke about the teams performance throughout PCS and reflected on how the team managed to pull off such an impressive performance against the regions best. 

“We did a lot of preparation going into PCS, and I feel it paid off. As a team we felt like our macro play was solid and we were easily the most consistent team in the lobby. We didn’t actually take that many straight up 4v4 team fights, because for most of the games we would out rotate the other teams and put ourselves in better positions; ultimately pressuring teams into fighting each other instead of coming towards us.”

“Our downfall during this event was mainly individual errors. We failed to keep four members alive going into the end game a lot of the time, which hindered our ability to get a win on the board.” - Jesse ‘Insight’ Spencer, Team Captain of FURY.

Jesse "Insight" Spencer of FURY at GLL 2019 (Credit: Joao Ferreira)

Inside the top five placements of the event, FURY was the only team to not secure a single match win throughout the entirety of the tournament. Although with that being said, out of the twenty four rounds played they only placed outside of the top five on nine separate occasions; which is an impressive consistent placement rate in such a long tournament. 

Insight spoke on his thoughts of the teams placement, changes made post event and what the future holds for the team moving forward. 

“As for the result, it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. Our goal for this event was first place and we were not going to be content with anything less than that. Divine basically handed us the tournament on a silver platter in the last game with them going out early and it was heartbreaking to lose on a tiebreaker.”

“It’s so easy to think back to multiple times throughout the event when we could have easily secured that one extra point. A few days have passed now and it still stings, but we have to look towards the future instead.”

“We have decided to part ways with Jouxy, which was a really tough decision for us as we formed the roster over two years ago and shared so many amazing memories together. Jouxy was no way solely to blame for any of our failures at this event, but we felt we needed to bring on a new member going forward.”

“With the addition of Fludd we are looking to iron out the issues we had at this event with keeping four up going into the later stages and closing out games.” - Jesse ‘Insight’ Spencer, Team Captain of FURY.

Jordan "Jouxy" de Joux previously of FURY at GLL 2019 (Credit: Joao Ferreira)

With the removal of Jordan “Jouxy” de Joux from the FURY team, Jouxy has since announced that he will be looking to join a team for the next upcoming PCS event as a one last hoorah and retire no matter the result following the event. 

Closing out our interview, Insight went on to state “the support from the Oceanic community was amazing throughout this event and even though we didn’t get first place, I feel so proud to be able to represent Oceania on the international stage and we will do our best to put on a show for the fans.” 

If you wish to follow the progress of the team coming into the next event, be sure to connect with FURY over on Twitter.