Ground Zero to headline Forrest LIVE in Perth

HTT News Team
October 3, 2019

Ground Zero Gaming, the premier Perth-based esports organisation, has officially announced that they will be hosting exciting esport activations at Forrest LIVE, a festival celebrating the relaunch of Forrest Chase in Perth. Celebrations for the event will commence on Friday the 11th of October and wrap up on Sunday the 13th. 

Forrest Chase is the premier shopping precinct within the Perth CBD, the complex has recently undergone renovations and is looking to celebrate the relaunch with a weekend-long festival full of live music, food, pop-culture, gaming and so much more.

Insight from Ground Zero Gaming’s management team

In a statement given by Amanda Melia, Corporate Services Manager at Ground Zero Gaming, she went on to talk about the exposure this unique event brings, and the multitude of brands they’ve partnered with to pull it off. 

“This event will allow us to promote esports within a mainstream environment. With the keen support of Forrest Chase, we have partnered with brands like JB-HIFI, Vodafone, MSI, ZQ Racing, Turtle Beach and Ice Break to deliver an exciting prospect across the weekend, with Rocket League as the hero,” says Amanda.

Above: Julz of GZ Rocket League at DreamHack (source)

Beau Melia, CEO of Ground Zero Gaming, talked on how this activation came about. “As an organisation, we are quite active in the Perth esports space, having developed relationships with various organisations and government bodies over the past year to consult on, and participate in esports-related activities.” Beau went on to say, “this opportunity was presented to us via one of our local contacts, and after meeting the team at Forrest Chase, we realised that esports was a perfect fit for the theme of the Forrest LIVE festival.”

Continuing on the topic of the partnership, Beau continued, “as part of our core values, Ground Zero has considerable focus on encouraging inclusivity and positive engagement within esports. As part of this activation, we want everyone who comes down to see us to get involved, no matter what their skill level is and no matter what their age is.”

“It’s all about having fun, and a bit of healthy competition of course. But we also want to use take this opportunity to educate our guests on the growing Australian esports industry and community, as well as highlighting the legitimacy of our professional players, and the various career paths within the industry as a whole,” Beau said.

Beau concluded by adding “we want the Ground Zero brand to not just be associated in the competitive esports scene, but as an organisation who is committed to the growth and development of esports within Australia. We are incredibly excited about the event. It is gearing up to be a fun, action-packed weekend with some fantastic brand exposure. But more importantly, it will give us a platform to deliver a positive message around esports to a wider audience. We also have quite a few staff members located in Perth, so it is a great opportunity for our team to get involved in a large esports-focused event, which doesn’t happen often over here on the west coast.”

Above: Decka of GZ Rocket League at DreamHack (source)

Ground Zero Gaming have made it aware to us that they will be engaging a full digital media campaign leading up to the event and across the weekend as a whole. Interactive giveaways will take place from the event itself, so be sure to be in the area if you’re looking to pick up some awesome prizes.

Ground Zero’s Activations: A Closer Look

GroundZero Play Zone powered by JB-HIFI

  • Compete with and against professional Rocket League players.
  • Take part in a time challenge course set by the professionals.

Rocket League Lounge powered by Vodafone

  • Play the Hot Wheels Rocket League table-top game with Ground Zero professionals.
  • Control RC vehicles with smart devices in a Rocket League themed table-top.

Esports Education with Ground Zero

  • Parents and members of the public can learn the positive influences of esports, how to integrate this into their family and how it can fit into their child's curriculum. 
  • Opportunity to discover the opportunities for grassroots esport training and league participation, as well as the pathway to becoming a professional player.

The team at Ground Zero Gaming are no stranger to hosting fan events and activation's, so if you are in and around Perth on October 11th, 12th and 13th, we highly recommend you get on down to the Forrest Chase complex and check out everything that Ground Zero has on offer.

You can track all of Ground Zero’s progress at the event here.