Ground Zero qualify for the WESG APAC Finals

Ben Scott
December 10, 2019

Last night saw Ground Zero and the former Genuine Gaming roster battle it out in the WESG 2019 APAC Oceania Qualifier after both had successfully overcome MC Esports and SYF Gaming to find themselves in the final. 

Due to Ground Zero coming through the upper bracket, they were gifted a one map advantage over ex-Genuine Gaming in the best of five series. Although given ex-Genuine Gaming’s recent results, that shouldn’t have been a problem for the team. But unfortunately for them, it just wasn’t meant to be. 

Ground Zero kicked the series off on their map pick of Dust 2 and went on to breeze to a 11:4 lead at half time. Even though ex-Genuine Gaming managed to piece together six rounds of their own to reach double digits, Ground Zero pieced together five of their own to walk away with the map 16:10 and secured a 2:0 advantage coming into map three. 

If ex-Genuine Gaming wanted to lock themselves in for the WESG APAC Finals early next year, they would need to reverse sweep Ground Zero by securing the next three maps in a row.

With everything on the line for ex-Genuine Gaming, as they joined the server for their map pick of Inferno, they fought hard to hold a three round lead at half time, 9:6. Despite Ground Zero collecting a few rounds for themselves in the second half, ex-Genuine Gaming managed to put Inferno behind them with a 16:11 scoreline. 

Ground Zero at Zowie eXTREMESLAND (Credit: Kieran Keys / GZ)

Having needed to secure the next map to push for a map five, ex-Genuine Gaming seemed to have lost all of their fuel after the first half on Overpass. Despite holding a one round lead at half time, Ground Zero turned that in their favour quickly and rallied together nine rounds to secure the map 16:11 and the series 3:1. 

WESG OCE Qual Finals Overview:

  • Map 1 - 1:0 GZ (Default Win)
  • Map 2 - 16:10 GZ (Dust 2)
  • Map 3 - 11:16 GG (Inferno)
  • Map 4 - 16:11 GZ (Overpass)

Following their 3:1 win over ex-Genuine Gaming, Ground Zero has officially locked their spot in for the WESG APAC Finals held on January 3rd next year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With that being said, they will find themselves up against teams like Avangar, Syman Gaming and dream[s]cape

Ground Zero Active Roster:

To note, there has been no official announcement from Ground Zero on the signing of Llamas and Noobster; who have been playing as ‘stand-ins’ for the roster for over a month now. But they are expected to fly with the team to Malaysia next year to compete. 

If you wish to stay connected with Ground Zero during their journey at the event, be sure to follow them on Twitter.