Ground Zero officially confirm their CS:GO roster

Ben Scott
February 4, 2020

Ground Zero have today announced that they have completed their 2020 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster following the official signing of Luke “Llamas” Merchant, Andy “Noobster” Zhang and Joel “PEARSS” Kurta. With that being said, Cooper "Void" Farrell has also been officially announced as signed to the organisation.

Although both Llamas and Noobster have been competing under the Ground Zero banner for a few months now, both locally and overseas, they were always under a trial period with the team. Following the departure of Charlie “Zeph” Dodd, who announced his retirement, the team was in search of a fifth member for the roster. 

With that being said, the organisation has officially signed Joel “PEARSS'' Kurta after a very short trial period. Recently we saw PEARSS compete with the roster at the WESG Oceania Qualifier, where he stood out immensely and played a vital role in successfully helping the team qualify for the WESG 2020 World Finals. 

Ground Zero Roster:

In a statement provided by Ground Zero, newly signed player Luke “Llamas” Merchant went on to state “I’m so excited to finally be announced as part of the Ground Zero roster after a very extended trial. I’m keen to see how far we can go with this roster once void can pass his trial and officially be announced as part of the team as well.” 

Context behind Llamas’ joke at Void is the fact that he has been on the roster for 474 days and is yet to be officially announced via the organisations social channels. 

PEARRS, newly acquired player for Ground Zero, said in a statement “I’m very excited to join this promising Ground Zero roster after a mere two weeks of being on trial. I’m extremely proud of Void, Llamas and Noobster for finally passing their trial, despite taking far longer than myself to do so.”

He then went on to poke fun at our power rankings by stating “hopefully HTT can recognize us as a real team now.”

Joel "PEARSS" Kurta at WESG Oceania Qualifier (GZ)

Matthew “Sheep” Woolley, General Manager for Ground Zero, said in a statement to us “the announcement of this roster has been a long time coming, after an extensive trial by all four newly announced players. We are looking forward to what they, and Burn, can show us.”

If you wish to stay connected with the Ground Zero roster, be sure to follow the team over on Twitter.