Ground Zero CS:GO qualify for WESG World Finals

Ben Scott
February 1, 2020

Ground Zero’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team have today qualified for the WESG 2020 Global Finals after taking down Paradox Gaming 3:1 this afternoon. 

Coming into this series Ground Zero was granted a one map advantage thanks to coming through the upper-bracket. Although it wasn’t going to be easy for the team, as they recently lost one of their star players, Charlie “zeph” Dodd, who recently retired from competitive play.

With that being said, Ground Zero have placed Joel “PEARSS” Kurta on trial and also used him during this qualifier. PEARSS seems to have fitted in nicely with the squad, as he managed to push the Ground Zero lineup to a victory on Mirage with an impressive 102.9 ADR and rating of 1.54. 

Ground Zero Roster:

Although it’s expected that Llamas and Noobster now hold a permanent position on the roster, given their current tenure on the team, there is yet to be any announcement from the organisation on their signing to the club. 

As stated earlier, Ground Zero came into this series with a one map advantage. But with that being said, Paradox Gaming managed to pick up a decisive win on Dust 2 in a full thirty round match (16:14). Nonetheless, Ground Zero went on to persevere and fought back with a comfortable 16:8 win on Mirage - this being the map that PEARSS stood out with a 102.9 ADR and rating of 1.54. 

Ground Zero Counter-Strike during WESG Qualifier (GZ)

With Paradox Gaming now on the back foot, they needed to push for a victory on Overpass to guarantee a fifth map in the series. But Ground Zero just continued their steam roll and secured yet another comfortable map win, 16:7. Newcomer to the team, PEARSS, had yet another impressive performance - finishing with 122.7 ADR and an explosive 1.80 rating. 

Given the two map wins and the one map advantage by Ground Zero, the team has locked in their place at the 2020 WESG World Finals, held in Chongqing, China. 

Ground Zero will find themselves facing up against the likes of North, Chaos EC, and Heroic for a chance at $1,000,000 USD in March of this year. Be sure to stay connected with the team by following them on Twitter