Genuine Gaming to represent Australasia at NVIDIA GeForce Cup

Ben Scott
November 27, 2019

As reported last night, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive NVIDIA GeForce Cup playoffs were in fall swing last night, with four teams battling it out for a spot at the finals held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on January 11th of next year. 

Playoff Attendees:

In the first match of the night we saw MadLikeWizards take on Ground Zero, with both fighting for a spot in the grand final. The hot favourites for this match was Ground Zero, given their consistency in comparison to MadLikeWizards and their overall results throughout the year. But it seemed that last night just wasn’t Ground Zero’s night, as MadLikeWizards went on to stun everyone with a full three map series and victory over Ground Zero; with two of the three maps almost going into overtime.

MadLikeWizards vs Ground Zero (SF)

  • Overpass - 16:13 (mLw)
  • Inferno - 7:16 (GZ)
  • Mirage - 16:13 (mLw)

Given that the first semifinal match was an upset, questions were raised to as if this next match would be the same. It sure looked like it from the get go, as MC Esports claimed the first map against Genuine Gaming in overtime; only needing one more map to secure their place in the grand final against MadLikeWizards. Nonetheless, Genuine Gaming came from behind and went on to take the next two maps in regulation time to book themselves a spot in the finals.

MC Esports vs Genuine Gaming (SF)

  • Overpass - 17:19 (MC)
  • Nuke - 16:11 (GG)
  • Dust 2 - 16:11 (GG)

We were set to see a bronze medal match match between Ground Zero and MC Esports following the two semifinals, but ultimately Ground Zero decided to forfeit; giving MC Esports third place in the competition and $350 AUD to share between themselves.

Coming into the grand final of the NVIDIA GeForce Cup qualifier it was hard to tell who would come out on top, as Genuine Gaming were looking shaky in their previous match, but should definitely be able to overcome MadLikeWizards in a best of three. Nonetheless, viewers were treated to yet another full best of three series, with every single map being neck and neck for the duration of the series. 

Above: Daryl "Mayker" May of Genuine Gaming (Credit: Sarah Cooper / ESL)

Although winning the first map in overtime and dropping the second map in a twenty nine round thriller, Genuine Gaming just had enough gas left in them to push themselves over the line; securing map three in regulation time and ultimately booking themselves a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

MadLikeWizards vs Genuine Gaming

  • Inferno - 19:16 (GG)
  • Train - 13:16 (mLw)
  • Dust 2 - 16:12 (GG)

With Genuine Gaming being crowned champions of the qualifier, they will fly to Malaysia on the 11th of January to compete against teams from around Asia; whilst also bagging $750AUD to share between each other, thanks to winning the qualifier.

Congratulations to Genuine Gaming and good luck overseas next year. You can stay connected with the team by following them on Twitter.

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