Genuine Gaming have officially closed up shop

Ben Scott
June 2, 2022

Genuine Gaming, a now former local esports organisation predominantly known for their involvement in Counter-Strike and the Fighting Game Community (FGC), yesterday announced that they are officially closing up shop.

Genuine Gaming came into the spotlight when they started acquiring some well-known members in the FGC both locally and internationally. They found success overseas at a number of international FGC events, including the likes of EVO. In more recent times they had been continuing to support those still representing their brand in the FGC.

Genuine also made an impact in the Counter-Strike community when they picked up some rising talent at the time consisting of the likes of Tom ‘apocdud’ Henry, Hugh ‘stat’ Anderson (now known as Hugh) and Daryl ‘Mayker’ May. This team represented Oceania at eXTREMESLAND 2019, whilst also winning or placing highly at a variety of local tournaments.

In a brief statement posted to their social media channels yesterday they spoke on their progress within the industry and thanked those in the community for supporting them. 

Royce, Co-Founder of Genuine Gaming, posted on social media stating "An amazing journey I would never take back. Thank you for a life time of memories. I sincerely thank everyone in the Aussie scene, FGC and beyond. As for me, I'll keep moving forward as always. I hope to continue to leave an imprint on the world of esports."

No official statement has been provided as to the reason for their closure, other than that they have just decided to close up shop.


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  • Image sourced from @SauceOCE on Twitter.