Esports Media House announces its official launch

Ben Scott
August 27, 2021

James Cowan and Emma Kuldemir have today announced the launch of Esports Media House (EMH), an Australian events company focused on bringing esports and games to a wider audience. 

In a joint statement provided by EMH, James and Emma stated “at Esports Media House we believe in being the change that you want to see. As individuals with knowledge in business, education and psychology, our purpose is to provide impactful experiences for brands, players and fans alike.  Whether it be broadcasting top-tier esports matches or small community grassroots initiatives, the objective remains the same - to drive the development of esports and gaming in the Oceanic region.”  

James Cowan, otherwise known as ‘jimNeso’, has a wealth of esports experience with over 17 years under his belt – some would say he is a Jack of all trades in our local industry. In EMH’s official statement, James commented on his aspirations to launch his own company and what he aims to do with this new venture.

It’s been a dream of mine to finally launch my own company and this is something that has been in the works for quite some time. Originally, we kicked things off in December 2020, but with ongoing back-to-back projects, this launch has been a slow burn.”

“Esports Media House is the sum of all my esports experiences gathered under one roof. With a focus on integrity, and creating a real future full of opportunity for generations of esporters to come, I believe Esports Media House can be a vehicle for driving links between esports and the traditional business world,” finished James.

Emma Kuldemir, who has taken on the role of Director of Operations, comes from a background in sales and account management. Having worked with companies such as News Corp Australia and Gumtree Automotive, Emma aims to bring a wealth of experience to the Esports Media House project. 

Emma spoke to her excitement of launching EMH and her aspirations to bring her ideas to life, stating “I’m absolutely thrilled to finally launch Esports Media House. Implementing years of business knowledge as the driving force of the day-to-day operations in my own company and better yet, in an industry that I love is a dream come true.”

“I’m also equally passionate about the world of Psychology and cannot wait to bring my concepts to life through meaningful and creative projects. At Esports Media House, we don’t wait for opportunities, we create them,” said Emma.

With this announcement, James’ company Esports Social Club and Emma’s The Games Journal will operate as part of the content offering of Esports Media House. In their statement, the pair detailed plans to release new content for both of these projects respectively, which we can expect to see towards the end of 2021.


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